Important factors to consider for On Page Optimization

Author : Awdhut Shrikhande | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Let’s see how to do a good on page SEO for a blog or a website.

While doing on page SEO, we should consider following factors

  1. Title Tags- Title tag is nothing but title of your page or article. It shows a what your page is about. Your title should be short and clean. It should consist of 50 to 60 characters not more or less than that. If it exceeds more than 60 characters, it will only show first 60 characters in search engine result pages. Your focus keyword for which you are doing SEO, should be in the title. In WordPress, your Title tag is H1 heading tags. And you can add sub headings up to H5 tag in your WordPress site.   
  • Meta Tag-   Meta description is short summary of your page or article. Most of the people will land to your page if your meta description is good and relevant. It is one of the necessary factors for on page SEO.  Focus keyword should also be included in meta description to make it SEO friendly. It should contain not more than 160 characters.  
  • Image alt attributes- If you are writing any blog or article, including images in it, give an alt text in the image and include your target keyword in it.
  • Use of Multimedia- Use more attractive images and videos in your article to increase retention time on your site. The more user spends time on your page the more is your page ranking on google. Site retention on page is trustworthy for Google.

Drop your keyword in first hundred words. Your targeted keyword must appear in your first paragraph. It helps google in understanding what your content is all about.

User friendly design- This is one of the most vital factors in on page SEO. Because if your website is mobile friendly, Google will prefer to show it. Mobile unfriendly sites will not rank in search engines. Also, page loading speed in your site is an important factor to consider. If page loading speed of your site is faster, then user will stay on your site, otherwise he won’t spend much time on your page. Your bounce rate will be higher and will affect you SEO. You can check your site speed with Switch to faster hosting server to increase your site speed. If your posts contain high resolution images or videos you can compress them using various plugins available on WordPress.

Inbound and Outbound links- Use internal and external links on your page. Internal links are those which will direct to other pages on your site. External links are those which will direct to another site which related to your content. These links help Google to understand your topic. It also tells Google that your topic is relevant, informative and has quality. Use 2-4 internal links and external links in every posts.

Consider all these factors in your mind and do your on-page SEO

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