Importance of wearing Jiu Jitsu accessories on Mat

Author : Hooks Brand | Published On : 16 Jan 2022

In this era of the new modern world, you may find something new to make you physically fit. From cycling to the gym, to other weight training activities, you can enjoy and become healthy and slim. 


However, if you want to make yourself mentally and physically strong, you can opt for Jiu-Jitsu martial art. When you learn, you will know several positive changes to your body. It helps to sharpen your skill in self-defense and control your opponents. The techniques used in this art are the safest way to defuse dangerous skills.


Jiu-Jitsu is a sport with many rules when it comes to clothing. To compete well, jiu-jitsu accessories play a huge role in your training session and competition. It is advisable to attend a training session in the camp with a BJJ uniform.


You will find several outlets and web stores to buy Jiujitsu Gi and accessories. Before buying, make sure you get IBJJF certified apparel. If you wish to get the same, look no further than Hooks Jiujitsu. Hereyou will get all the certified uniforms that have undergone an extensive period of testing and refining so that; you receive a premium product on every purchase. Have a look at some of the best and highly used jiu-jitsu accessories available with us.



To ensure the best fit for you, we have all the sizes to suit males, females, and those with longer limbs or short or tall. You will get the best and lightest weight pro light premiums offering in Kimonos to defeat well your opponent on the mat.


Rash guard


Rash guard-It is an athletic shirt that is worn under Gi. It protects the skin against scrapes and harmful UV rays from sunlight. It is made from spandex polyester and premium lightweight material that wicks away the moisture quickly. 


Photon Bjj Gi

Constructed with ultra-light star weave material and paired with rip stop pants photon BJJ is a perfect fit for you on the mat. It can easily fit in your over packed traveling bag. Its classic and uncluttered style can wear confidently on the first day of your training.


All the accessories and apparel at our store are made with cotton-like material. All the Gi's have woven fabric. It is not hard or thick that it would be difficult to grab the opponent. Visit us today and purchase for your much need accessories to defeat your opponent.