Immunity Boosting Routine To Keep Yourself Good Shape

Author : Alexis Pelloe | Published On : 28 Apr 2021

Many of you may have a concern about the coronavirus outbreak and you may think about talking with an ayurvedic doctor in Melbourne to understand the situation and enhance your immunity. To be frank there is no treatment presently for coronavirus and you will not get any information about its treatment here as well.

It has been a complete year that people are being infected with coronavirus and experiencing regular flu-like symptoms. While you may be baffled with its extent, it is specifically a minor disease like flu but has a worldwide outbreak. If you follow all the instructions, the risk is very minimal and everybody can be joyous.

In this article, you will come to know about some immunity-boosting routine.

At first, you can work on cleansing the upper respiratory tract. It is very simple to do and requires holy basil or Tulsi, long pepper and ginger tea. You should all be using turmeric and black pepper efficiently in your meal. It is better not to have raw non-veg food like fish, sushi and ..

cold meats. If possible, you can also take Amla fruit powder daily before going to bed as it acts as antioxidants supporting your immunity.

There is no better way to stay healthy than to drink plenty of water and in this case, you can have warm water. Staying hydrated is very important as it will keep your throat and mucous membrane moist creating a barrier to all microbes. There is no effective method of fighting coronavirus but with these steps, you can actually boost your immunity, thus your chance of getting infection lessens greatly.

To know more about different ways of fighting the coronavirus and building up your immunity, make an appointment with an ayurvedic doctor in Melbourne. He will help you understand the different ways through which you can build up your immunity and have a healthy life. But mandatorily, you should follow the public health guidelines. You should also have a routine that includes good personal hygiene and consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables. You must stay stress-free as long as possible that itself is effective in keeping good health. You can take different ways suitable to you and your body to fight the coronavirus but it is not just the situation that you should worry about. It is important that you have a good healthy body and mind that itself acts as a barrier and keeps off any organisms.


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