Hyundai Demo Vehicles for Sale

Author : Chadstone Hyundai Hyundai | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

As you shop for a new ride in Melbourne, we'd like to recommend an option you may not have yet considered: Hyundai demo vehicles for sale. These barely-used models pepper almost every dealer's lot and come with lower transaction prices than their brand-new counterparts. In fact, many car enthusiasts recommend demos as a way to enjoy the latest in automotive technology without spending beyond your budget.

Hyundai Demo Vehicles for Sale in Melbourne

Many shoppers tend to think of cars as either new or used. But a demo falls right in the middle of these two options. In exchange for a minimal amount of kilometres logged on the model, you can save between $1,000 and $5,000 over the cost of new.

When we say minimal, we mean that some Hyundai demos have as few as 100km on their odometers. This option essentially allows you to purchase a new Hyundai without paying the full outlay. Keep in mind that a demo must have under 5000km - otherwise, it must be sold as a used model.

Finding Hyundai Demos

Hyundai demos are easier to find than you might think. Dealers often enter into contracts with the manufacturer, such as Hyundai, to maintain a minimum number of registered demo cars. This is to their advantage, as demos can be used to showcase popular models like the Highlander or Tucson. Sometimes buyers test drive demos rather than the new cars on a lot, while other times, dealership personnel drive them for a brief period of time.

Prior to being listed for sale, demos can also be used in advertising photo shoots and TV commercials. Sometimes they're provided as loaner service cars, and other times they are driven by an executive of the car manufacturer (Hyundai). The spouse of an executive may even drive a demo before it goes to the dealership. In any event, it's perfectly acceptable to ask your salesperson how the demo you're interested in was used.

Advantages of Demos

The most obvious benefit here is the ability to save cash while getting into a like-new Hyundai. To illustrate, a 2021 Palisade AWD 8-speed sports automatic wagon might retail new for $75,000. But a demo can save you almost $2,000 by selling for $73,200. Along with these savings, you may also benefit from amenities that might have otherwise over-extended your budget. These can include:

  • Nappa leather seats
  • Safety features like lane departure warning
  • A premium sound system
  • A multi-function steering wheel

Demos are also well-maintained, with all of their routine service needs consistently met. This means you can rest easy knowing you're getting a quality car. If the demo you choose was previously driven by an executive of the carmaker, you may additionally benefit from a unique colour combination or exclusive package that few other drivers have access to.

Opting for a Hyundai demo is a great way to get more bang for your buck. The factory warranty is still intact, and you may get behind the wheel of a fully-loaded model that's unlike any other on the road. But don't take our word for it. Test drive one for yourself and see how this less explored option may perfectly suit your budget and taste.