How Yoga Can Treat Depression - Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Better

Author : Pinnacle Behavioral Health | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

The Yoga for Depression might be what you're looking for. Everybody experiences depression at one time or another. However, some people experience severe depression. Yoga can help you combat depression, and it is beneficial for your mind. How can yoga help with depression?

1. Yoga has been proven to be a great tool for people suffering from major depression and other psychiatric disorders. These illnesses have been treated with yoga for many years. Many studies have proven that yoga is a very effective treatment. A recent study found that yoga helped lower anxiety in women who practiced it. This is because anxiety and Treatment for depression without meds go together. Yoga can also increase one's immunity system which is vital for fighting any illness.

2. What can yoga do to help with depression? Yoga can help lower blood pressure, according to one study. Participants who practiced yoga did not experience significant heart rate or blood pressure changes. Yoga can improve your breathing and help you fight depression.

3. The same study showed that yoga decreased cortisol levels in participants. This is a stress hormone. Cortisol can build up in the brain, which can lead to depression. One study found that participants who were relaxed had cortisol levels drop. Yoga is a great option for those suffering from anxiety or depression. This all leads to the conclusion that yoga is the best way to manage your anxiety and depression.

4. Sukhasana is a great yoga pose for depression. This pose relaxes the hips, shoulders, back, neck and legs and improves strength. This pose is believed to calm and balance tension.

This particular pose is very beneficial. This is a great exercise before you go to bed at night. Consider including this pose to combat anxiety and depression in your yoga practice. You can now even consult experts at to know more about how yoga can treat depression.