How to Wear Hijab in Different Styles?

Author : VELA - Fashion Forward Scarves | Published On : 15 Oct 2021

Classic hijab wrap

The classic hijab wrap is suitable for most outfits. However, to make sure you are ready for anything, we recommend having a selection of modern essential abayas in your wardrobe that can be easily modified to fit the current situation. For a timeless look, you can wear the classic black modal hijab and style it with trainers or a trench coat.

The professional wrap is next on our list. This elegant option will instantly transform any outfit. The professional hijab is a great choice for any day activity. However, it is especially well-suited for work environments such as a meeting with the CEO or supermarket shifts where neatness is important.


Fold a square hijab around your face. Make sure it is perfectly curved above your forehead. Once you are satisfied with the way it frames your face use a pin under your neck to secure it. Make sure both ends are equally placed on both sides of your head.

Then, wrap each end tightly around your neck, using a pin to secure the back. Once you are done, be sure to tuck your hijab's fabric underneath your work shirt, midi dresser, or elegant kimono.


Professional hijab wrap

Professional hijab styles are elegant and require little to no detail. This style is similar to a sleek back ponytail. It looks best with suits, shirts, or any other garments with clear lines and a structured that exudes professionalism.

The voluminous trendsetting hijab style of black cotton modal hijab will give you a sense of luxury and sophistication. This layering look is ideal for autumn, as it adds texture and natural flair to your outfit, while keeping it modest.

Trendsetting hijab styles are easy to wear and look great, no matter what is happening on the catwalks. This timeless style of hijab styling can be worn day or night and will add volume to any outfit.


Begin by wrapping the head scarf (square or rectangular) around your face. Make sure to leave the one side of the scarf longer than the other, just like the hijab.

Wrap the fabric around your head using the longer side. Pull at the top of the fabric to increase volume. When you are satisfied with the volume, wrap the fabric around your neck and across to the shoulder.

You can now wrap the same material around your face again. Pin it to your top and attach the headscarf to your front for a loose, draped effect. The shorter side should be left untouched. Tuck it behind the longer, looser fabric. You can pin it down if you like.

Trendsetter hijab

This hijab fashion favorite is a great option for anyone looking for extra coverage. It allows you to add accessories to make your hijab the center of attention.

You can place a brooch either on one side or both. A beautiful luxury abaya with crystal embellishment at the hem and the end of flute sleeves is also a great choice. This style is fashionable and stylish when worn with simple, strappy heels and a clutch bag.

The classic hijab style is a favorite of social media influencers. It creates an elegant 'I just put this on' look, and can be paired with the most current fashion pieces. This effortless creation requires only one pin to hold it in place. It radiates glamour and elegance without being too flashy, allowing your outfit remain the focal point.


This is the easiest way to achieve a simple look. Simply wrap your hijab around your face, keeping both sides equal and then pin it under your chin. Toss one end over your shoulder and pull it tight to allow it to drape down your back.