How to tell a Sugar Daddy what you want?

Author : AD seo SEO | Published On : 01 May 2021

Learning how to tell the sugar daddy what you want is essential in this form of relationship. This is because he is not your best friend, and he has different goals and aspirations in life. A sugar daddy is not a one-size-fits-all relationship, and though you might have a picture of an older man spoiling you with gifts, it's not always the case.

First, sugar daddy relationships are based on intimacy and companionship for material gain by the sugar babe. They have been there for years and some sugar daddies even discuss his relationships with other women. Also, unlike a boyfriend, they may not use the words “babe” or “honey” much. Their aim is for you to understand their needs and will not hesitate to show you what he loves. 


Telling the Sugar Daddy what you want


Since the relationship is not geared towards marriage or life companionship, you need to discuss it with your sugar daddy. You need to ensure the relationship focuses on you more and ensure there are no surprises. 


The conversation should be on the first date, and you should list your expectations in terms of payment, allowances. Also, use this first date to tell him about your availability, where to meet, when, and the duration. Ask him any questions you might have, especially those about relationships and dating. Once they understand what you need, you will get what you wish for and understand their lives.


The easiest way of telling the sugar daddy your wishes are through open communications. But you need to do research first about them and strike the conversation at the right time. Also, during the conversation, you should never forget that you’ve opted for an unconventional lifestyle. Also, its important if you remained honest about your preferences, which is likely a transactional and mutually beneficial relationship. 




Telling your sugar daddy what you want from the onset of a relationship will help you create a connection without breaking your ideals. Also, it will it easier for the sugar daddy and understand the benefits he will be getting from the relationship.