How to successfully finish a cloud migration in Dubai in 3 simple steps

Author : Xebia Middle East Welcome@1234 | Published On : 09 Oct 2021

Hiring any Agile Consulting in Africa is often quoted as the easiest way to conduct any cloud migration successfully. These consultants support the organization throughout the migration process after understanding their specific requirements as per the business profile. This process involves a detailed scope of migration along with a specific pathway of risk assessment to ensure that nothing is left behind. If the process seems complicated it will surely lead to problems later. Successful migration to the cloud of all the assets of any company allows it to become fully operational and reap the many benefits of the cloud systems. 

Step one: Analysis of all business and technical needs of the organization

Any cloud migration in Dubai or anywhere else should start with a detailed analysis. This analysis must focus on the possibilities and the main purpose of undertaking migration for each asset in terms of their business relevance and technical requirements. This stage may take at some organizations a year or more as well and should never be rushed. The cloud provider and consultant during this stage need to understand the application of the business requirements in their market to determine the critical factors for success. Technical analysis of the entire value chain will provide clarity for optimizing operations.

Step two: Analysis of risks and project scope

Any Agile Consulting in Africa after establishing the unique business requirements required to chalk out a risk analysis and project scope documentation. This document should contain all the main elements that may go wrong during the migration process. It should have suitable backup plans so that the business and the users do not suffer. It should also have a plan of action to be able to maintain the services during the entire migration process. The execution of this process may take sometimes up to even six months as per the complexity and scale of the project. 

Step three: Manage the service operations

The final stage of any cloud migration in Dubai or anywhere else is to focus on maintaining a reliable and strong managed services solution. This should be made possible through 24/7 support with an improvement program that continually simplifies and improves the service and efficiency of the system. The business need of the provider will identify the pressures of the industry to manage migrations as per the sector and country to easily align and innovate. This migration process not only depends on the experience and skills of the consultant but also on collaboration between the client and the provider. 


The onus of success of any migration process depends upon a lot of factors. The knowledge and skills of Agile Consulting in Africa, their relationship with the client, and the importance of client experience combine to ensure a frictionless migration. Any migration often finds ways to reduce the costs and find new ways to become flexible and scalable during the process. This may become necessary as new trends and innovations in the sector become tangible. But while the migration process itself may be complicated and time-consuming at times, the process should never be rushed during any stage to avoid failure.