How to set SMART PPC Bidding Strategies?

Author : Amina Rawat | Published On : 30 Jun 2021

Smart bidding is a good pick for advertisers who are need to manage large catalogues with different campaigns simultaneously. With so many strategies available, you can get confused on how to meet your marketing objectives. The degree of sophistication of the SMART PPC building strategies is making data-driven campaign success possible. One must understand the details on SMART PPC strategies, so that you can engage best digital marketing packages to ensure you get best ROI.

What is smart bidding?

Smart bidding refers to a subset of bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize the conversions or the value of auctions. PPC advertising through smart bidding, renders the following benefits:

  1. Analyzing various signals and clues for bidding uniqueness
  2. Providing agility control over the performance ones that help in directing the bidding towards attribution models.

Setting Smart PPC Bidding Strategies

To accomplish your marketing goals, here are some ways through which you can set smart PPC bidding strategies.


eCPC is a bidding strategy that can help you adjust with the manual bids and help in getting more conversions through the same CPA. It applies to a good range of campaigns along with Ad Groups. Also, it has good compatibility with third-party tools. So, you have better chances of being on the benefits side.

You should deploy eCPC for large campaigns under the guidance of experienced PPC advertising agency. It caters to the large feeds and doubts generating in a considerable number of text advertisements. But, make sure that you are limiting your budget as per the capability. Don’t overdo it. Also, manual adjustment of the mobile bidding modifiers is a must.

Click maximization

The next pick for setting smart PPC building strategies is to seek the assistance of click maximization. Maximize clicks is an excellent PPC bidding strategy that renders its advantages within the campaigns. You can increase the number of clicks that your advertisements receive.

Don’t forget that the primary purpose of the bidding strategies is to increase the number of visits and not the sales. Maximize clicks as a part of the digital marketing packages has the following benefits:

  1. Campaign testing within budget confinements
  2. It has a more considerable advantage where the high CPC has an impact on the overall performance
  3. Users can visit the website at a much lesser expense

Conversion maximization

Maximizing the conversions in the form of a bidding strategy helps in optimizing the tailor bids. A PPC advertising agency helps to fetch the maximum conversions per campaign. These conversions make use of the contextual signals by making use of auction-time. The signs surround the users and the past information to procure conversions within the budget.

Target CPA and ROAS

Target ROAS is another beneficial tactic for smart bidding. This step includes assigning the values belonging to various conversions and, further, optimizing the bidding. As a result, there will be an increase in the target ROAS.

For an enhancement and increase in conversions, target CPA should be another strategy in use. The conversion costs might be lesser or higher, but the final goal of conversions will be easier and convenient to get through. For a practical approach, you should make use of the past conversion volume. The higher the rate of consistency, the better will be the result.

Target the location of the search page and outranking share

Target search page location is a strategy that can improvise page visibility on top positions. A good PPC advertising agency can help you to automate the bid for best results. Hence, search page location target is one of the most reliable tactics.

If you use target outranking share with the help of a portfolio, you have many advantages. You can choose a domain that you wish to surpass in the ad position and how often you wish to do it. You will be able to outrank the ads that compete only.


Data and optimization are the two most essential components of PPC advertising in digital marketing packages. For a successful setting of the smart PPC bidding strategies, these act like assets. More the data better will be the bid optimization.