How to Play Tambola Game

Author : Dev Devsdad | Published On : 11 Oct 2021

We are bored of following the same routine daily, because of our daily schedule we forgot to live our life happily. So let’s find some entertainment sources. Just Chill! I am here again with a unique idea to erase your boredom, Called as Tambola Game. Is it new for you? Then don’t worry, I am here to explain this game in detail, so that you can play this online, with your family and can fill your day with happiness. So let’s dive into the details of this game and know the rules and regulations, which we need to follow while playing this game. Prior to that we also should be aware about the short story of this game.

We must have heard about the game Housie and Bingo said to be the updated version of Tambola, which are known to be the most popular game across India and Pakistan. Tambola is a game where a person reads aloud the number from 1 to 90 for the audience or players out there, and player/audience strike out those numbers. Tambola tickets consist of 27 boxes with 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns. It has 4 blanks and 5 written number boxes respectively; hence the ticket consists of a total of 15 numbers. As I said, these tickets have a total of 9 vertical columns, where the unique numbers from 1-9 are written in 1st column, in the same way the 2nd column has number from 10-19, followed by 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and the 9th column has numbers from 80-90. This is all about the Tombola tickets. Now let’s jump on to rules and regulation of this game:

How to decide the winning combination of the game:

  1. At first the caller will announce any 5 numbers, if the audience strikes out those 5 numbers randomly, wins.
  2. The second winning alternative is to strike the numbers in 1st row, the first player who strikes all those called numbers in the top rows, wins.
  3. The third winning option is to strike the numbers at the corner, it means the audience/players who strike all the called numbers at top 2 corners (left and right) and last 2 corners (left and right), wins. 
  4. The fourth winning option is to strike the number in the middle, in other words, if the player strikes out first, all those announced numbers in the middle of the rows, wins.
  5. The Fifth winning option is to strike the number at bottom, in other ways, if the player successfully strikes out all those announced numbers first, bottom of the rows, wins.
  6. The last winning alternative is referred to as Full House, it means the first player who strikes out all announced numbers in the whole ticket, if available, wins.

This is the most interesting and easiest game you guys will ever play. Yes, the Tambola Game might be difficult and time taking if you're making the tickets on your own, so the easiest way to play this game on your android mobile where you can even play with millions of people available online.