How to Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable?

Author : anemoneand basilic | Published On : 01 Apr 2021

6 Changes That You Can Make for a Sustainable Bathroom!

Use Natural Body Products


Sustainable bath products such as soap bars, shampoo bars, and others reduce clutter and contain natural ingredients for healthy skin and hair. On the other hand, their plastic counterparts contain different chemicals that leave behind residue even after rinsing.

Switch Your Laundry Routine


​Doing your laundry in an eco-friendly way is rewarding. You can shop for zero-waste daily essentials such as an eco-wash laundry specialist kit with non-toxic formulas. Also, remember to wash your delicate garments at a low temperature to ensure that your clothes stay clean for a long time, and there is less energy consumption.

Choose Zero-Waste Daily Essentials for Your Beauty Routine!


While choosing products for your beauty routine, you can eliminate one-off plastic makeup wipes and products with single-use plastic bottles. There are plenty of sustainable bath products available in the market, such as reusable facial pads and refillable containers. You can use them to reduce clutter in your bathroom and can help you transform it into sustainable heaven. 

Cut Down on Products with Non-Disposable Packaging


Just buying zero-waste daily essentials is not enough. It is also critical to look at its packaging. Try to source products from companies that use recyclable packaging. Recyclable packaging can include products wrapped in reusable fabrics or cardboard packaging that is biodegradable and sustainable. Also, ensure that the company you are buying from sources its products using natural and renewable materials such as bamboo and others.

Look for Sustainable Bath Accessories


You can choose zero waste daily essentials such as towels, washcloths, bamboo toothbrushes, and others made from natural materials to make your bathroom more sustainable. You can update your bathroom with eco-friendly products that do not have toxic chemicals and are good for the environment.

Pick Water-Saving Fixtures

Saving your water even for a minute can make a lot of difference. Besides picking sustainable bath products, you can also think about installing energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures. That way, you can save on your water bill and also contribute to the well-being of the society. Whether you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or want to make positive changes, you can consult with an expert for sustainable options that reduce water waste.

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