How to know the benefits that your speed sign provides while reducing the occurrence of an accident

Author : Radar Speed Signs | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

Any accident is a life-changing event that disrupts the lives of many. It throws many things in a state of disarray and brings many problems. No one in their right senses would want to be a part of an accident, yet people are injured, maimed, and even die due to accidents every year. These accidents could be due to miscalculations by the drivers and pedestrians, various distractions, or mechanical faults in the vehicle. Being distracted however counts for over 25% of all the accidents on any road. The use of a speed sign brings down these numbers appreciably. 

The distractions on the roads

As technology progresses and makes us more connected to the world, it brings several things into our reach that grabs our attention. Almost everyone now has cell phones, while the use of digital billboards and other kinds of entertainment systems installed in a vehicle too distracts a driver or even pedestrians. Research shows that more than 50% of distractions that occur at an intersection result in some sort of an accident. Every day around nine people lose their lives due to such distracted driving that can be easily controlled by using your speed sign close to intersections. 

How do speed signs work?

The use of a speed sign close to the intersection provides valuable information to the driver and other road users. They ensure that the rules of the land are followed to keep everyone safe. They communicate to the driver to reduce the speed that maintains order on the road while reducing the possibility of accidents. Neglecting or overlooking these signs is almost impossible if they are placed strategically due to their specific and customizable messages and color options. Most signs also use pictures rather than words to convey the message quickly without the need to learn the language first.

Different road signages

Your speed sign keeps the drivers and pedestrians safe while ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. This helps reduce the occurrence of an accident and also brings down congestion and traffic jams. The driver also is informed of any delays or diversions on the road ahead to be prepared accordingly. An informed driver is bound to be less anxious and has a lower chance of taking a sudden turn that can cause an accident or bottlenecks. The digital road signs have a specific meaning and could function as regulatory, warning, guidance, or temporary signages.


Any road that has the digital speed sign helps reduce the incidence of traffic mishaps that are events that are best to be avoided. These road signs help inform about special lanes to segregate traffic, calm traffic, and bring order to the traffic. This information also clears the confusion of the driver especially on highways where the incidence of an accident is more due to higher speeds of the vehicles. They educate the driver on the restrictions on speed or inform them of weather and traffic conditions ahead to avoid problems