How To Keep The Pest Away From The Christmas Tree

Author : Adam Jeffcott | Published On : 04 Jan 2022

This is the holiday season and you definitely look forward to decorating your house with Christmas decorations and an obvious Christmas tree. It is time to grab hold of your entire family and celebrate the beginning of a New Year. While the decorations are mostly made out of paper and plastics, you want an original Christmas tree in your home that changes the aesthetics of the property for some time. However, a natural Christmas tree is also prone to get infected by pests and it is important that you undertake pest control in your North Shore property before placing the Christmas tree in the interiors.


Christmas trees are a species of fir trees and so squirrels find it comfortable to nest in a Christmas tree. Bug infestation is definitely going to take away the joy and enjoyment from your home and so it is better to undertake pest control beforehand. You may not know but a Christmas tree when planted inside your home can have 25,000 bugs which gradually spreads all over the property. The bugs can even stay in hibernation and only come alive when there is a temperature rise which is perfect when inside.


Infestation of a Christmas Tree


There can be different kinds of infestation on a Christmas tree and depending on their nature they inhabit the pine trees. Bugs like Balsam Wooly Adelgids are tiny insects that live on the sap of firs and pines. The snow-like substance on the Christmas tree is not the kind of snow you want to have on the tree. These bugs can destroy the tree faster than you can actually think.


Aphids, another most common bug found on a Christmas tree and looks like leeches. If you find bugs of black, brown, red or green it is indeed Aphids. It is better to get hold of a pest control company in North Shore that will completely remove the pest from the tree before you take it inside your house for decorations.


Who does not know bark beetles and you will find one in the Christmas tree as well. These are found in red, brown or black and is very much visible because of their bigger shape. They can easily ground on the branches and trunk leaving piles of sawdust on the bottom of the tree. Make sure you remove all these pests before the tree gets inside your property so that you do not have to deal with them afterwards.

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