How to insert and use a Menstrual Cup?

Author : Menstrual Cup | Published On : 27 Mar 2023

Menstrual cups are unique and innovative menstrual hygiene products that can be a real game-changer for women around the world who find it difficult to deal with their periods every month as it has become a challenging task for them. For those 5 days, the females find themselves gagged and uncomfortable, and thus, a product like a menstrual cup can come as a big relief for the female population around the globe. With pre-apprehensions, many women feel hesitant to use it, but to remove all apprehensions from their minds, we have come up with a clear idea of how to use a menstrual cup to make the whole process smooth for you. So, here’s a step-by-step guide for our readers. 

Start by folding it: You should always begin the process of insertion after washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to wash away all germs. Once you hold the cup in your hand, you have to fold it. It should be done in a way that makes it easy for you to insert it. If you are a beginner, you can start with the C-fold, as it is one of the most basic and easiest folds and will make the insertion process easier. You can opt for other folds as well, depending on your preference, like the 7-fold, the S-fold, the origami fold, the punch-down fold, etc. Since every individual has their own preferences, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Insertion: Now you need to insert the folded cup into your vagina. It should be placed low in your vagina so that you are comfortable while the stem is fully inside.After folding the cup, take a comfortable position to open the vaginal opening, part your labia with one hand, and insert the folded part of the cup with the other hand. As it gets inside, twist the cup holding its stem so that it pops open to create a light suction force and stick to the walls of the vagina, leaving no space to prevent leakages. 

Leave it there: One of the greatest benefits of using a premium menstrual cup is that it can be used for a period of 12 hours at a stretch depending upon your flow. You can leave it unperturbed and then empty it after use. 

Pull it out and remove the contents: When it’s time to change, you can again take a comfortable position and hold the cup from its stem. Now pinch the base of the cup to release the suction so that it can come out easily without causing spills. If you feel there is a need, then you can flex your pelvic muscles to push the cup out. You have to do this gently and patiently. Make sure that you wash your hands again before touching them. After ejecting it, empty the contents into the toilet and rinse it with water or a menstrual cup wash before reusing it.