How to handle toxic people

Author : IOannis Atsalis | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

Do you want to know how to handle toxic people that make you miserable? I used to have many people around me with negativities, as I like to call it. The funny thing that happened is, the happier and positive I became, the more these types of people disappeared.

Here are some tips to assist you deal with negativities and start attracting more positive people in your life.

1. Shift their focus

If you find that you are around many people that are complaining, try to change their focus. Rather than getting sucked in their drama, ask them what they would like rather if anything good emerged out of the situation. Possibly, that will stop them from complaining and assist them to see the situation from a new perspective. If everything else fails, just excuse yourself from the conversation. Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in their drama or you will possibly find yourself becoming negative and also angry while the other person will possibly feel better! If that happens, you have taken their negative energy. Be mindful! It’s transmissible if you are not aware of it. You have to learn how to control your emotions.  

2. Preserve your own energy

If you absolutely can’t leave the situation, take your time to reserve your own energy so that you don’t take on the negativities of the person. Imagine yourself safeguarded by a big white bubble filled with positive energy. You will allow in positive energy, but not negative. This is actually quite liberating as you know regardless what you won’t take on their negative vibes. The person will definitely move on once they see you are not reacting and getting caught up in their drama.

3. Stand up for yourself

Above everything else, start doing what makes you happy. If you don’t feel good when you are around someone, you have to stop being around them. Just wash them well in your mind and move on to people that make you feel good. If it is someone you have to spend time with, such as a family member, restrict how much time you spend with them and try the method mentioned above. You may also have an open conversation with this person explaining how you feel.

4. Do what you love

When you follow your own dreams and are really doing what you love, you will attract more and more positive and likeminded people into your life that will lead to your personal development.  

5. Be thankful

Try to value what you have in your life currently. If you can’t get anything, go back to the fundamentals, like being able to read this newsletter. When you are in a state of thankfulness, you will be feeling much better and with the idea of doing what you love, you will entice more and more to be thankful for. Can you make a list of the ten things or people you are grateful for having in your life right now?