How to Get Pen off Your Skin

Author : delhi cake | Published On : 29 Apr 2021

How to remove ink from skin? So that cute girl finally gave you her number by scribbling it on the rear of your hand. You're super excited; except you do not want to urge home and have your nosy sister starts questioning you about whose digits are on your skin. Or even you have been taking notes at college all day and find yourself with pen ink smeared everywhere the side of your hand (this may be a daily struggle if you are a lefty). Even worse, maybe the child you're babysitting for got hold of a ballpoint and decided to scribble everywhere on her face. Regardless of the reason is, you would like that ink exhausted without a trace. Read on to find out different methods for safely removing pen marks from your skin.


How to get ink off skin? Removing pen ink with home items 

Wash the ink off with soap and water. This is often probably the simplest and most accessible solution. If the ink is oil-based, as many ballpoint pens are, you'll not have much luck, but if the pen uses water-soluble ink, it should wash directly.

  • Water-based inks tend to seep through the paper and take longer to dry so that they are more likely to smear and obtain on your skin.

  • Rollerball pens and a few gel pens are usually water-soluble.


Spurt non-gel toothpaste onto the ink and rub it. Toothpaste contains bicarbonate of soda, which can pull the ink off the surface of your skin. The toothpaste may make your skin tingle. Use a humid cloth or water to rinse. Search for toothpaste that may not see-through (or gelled) or sparkly. It should be an opaque paste and can often be white.


How to get pen ink off skin? Removing pen ink using solvents

Spit hand sanitizer onto the ink and rub in short, circular movements. The alcohol in the sanitizer will break down and loosen the pen ink. Wipe the world with a clean cloth and therefore the ink will wipe off with the sanitizer.


Wet a washcloth or cotton ball with isopropanol (rubbing surgical spirit or alcohol) and scrub the ink off your skin. The lotion is normally your most reliable bet for removing the oil-based ink found in most ink of the pens. It separates oils, enabling you to clear the ink off your skin. Many other cleaning agents use alcohol because of the main solvent, so using it straight should offer you the simplest results.

  • Try to not use the lotion during a small, confined space, because the smell is extremely strong.

  • Isopropyl alcohol and its fumes are very flammable, so don't use it around an open flame or fire source.

  • The alcohol also will remove your body's natural oils alongside the pen, so you ought to moisturize after rubbing it on your skin.