How To Find Best Quality Weed?

Author : Mainland Cannabis | Published On : 17 Sep 2021

You've done the research. You are certain which strain of marijuana that you wish to buy. You have found a dispensary near you. You have found the right products for you to use cannabis in your preferred way. How do you make sure the products you buy are actually of high quality?

What's top-shelf marijuana?

Let's start by defining the terms commonly used to shop for quality weed. "Flower" is the dried, cured female cannabis plants' blooms. Sometimes called "nugs or buds", the flower is intoxicating. However, some flowers have high CBD content which will produce less intoxicating effects.

1. Color

The easiest way to determine if your marijuana has high quality is by looking at its color. Good cannabis should be green with purple or orange flecks. However, brown cannabis could be bad because it may contain pesticides, mold, or other nasty stuff. You could now mail order cannabis canada and get best kind of weed.

2. Smell

The smell is another way to tell the difference between good and bad cannabis. You should be able to detect the freshness of marijuana's smell. Bad cannabis smells like grass or hay. Don't smoke anything that smells like cannabis.

3. Taste

If you are not an experienced user of marijuana, it can be difficult to taste the cannabis. The best cannabis should always taste fresh. You should not use it if it is too bitter or unfresh. The online dispensary vancouver provides best weed in taste.

4. Crystals

Do you see those crystals on your cannabis? These crystals are known as trichomes and determine the amount of THC in cannabis. If someone claims they have potent cannabis but you don't see crystals, don’t believe them.

5. Feel

It is very important to know the texture of marijuana. Properly cured marijuana should be slightly dried, but still sticky. If the marijuana isn’t sticky, it means that it has dried out and will become powdery. You don't want your marijuana to be too dry. It should be just right in the middle: dry but not too sticky. You could order weed canada for best quality.

6. Structure

The three S's above will not be present in good marijuana. There should be very few stems and sticks holding the buds together. Also, there shouldn't have any seeds. If the buds are thick, the weed will be good. 

7. Orange Hairs

If marijuana has been well-pollinated, matured, and produced little orange hairs, it will produce them. This is a sign that you are growing high-quality cannabis. You know you are getting high-quality cannabis when you see orange hairs.

8. Trimmed

However, this will not necessarily indicate if cannabis is good or bad. A well-trimmed bud with no extra leaves or stems indicates that the cannabis product was well maintained and taken care of by the person who grew it or sold it.

9. Contaminants

This is a simple one, but if there are any problems with your cannabis, you should not smoke it. Before you buy cannabis, make sure it is free from mold and other bugs. If you notice any white, thin hairs that look like a web, it's likely that your cannabis has spider mites. This should be avoided.

10. Tested Products 

You can also ensure that your marijuana is safe by only purchasing lab-tested products. Although this may not always be possible, if you find a product that has been tested for pesticides or other contaminants, it is likely to be good.

Other qualities 

When searching for the best weed, there are several other quality indicators to be aware of. There are two additional indicators of weed quality: ethical cultivation and diverse cannabinoids

1. Ethical cultivation: Scientists stressed that ethical cultivation does not use synthetic fertilizers and uses living soil. It also practices sustainable agriculture. Look for organic products that are Clean Green Certified or Sun+Earth certified, as well as producers who use regenerative agriculture practices. Experts said that Sungrown cannabis can often meet all these criteria.

3. Diverse cannabinoids are desirable for CBD products. Experts advised that customers request a Certificate of Analysis prior to making a purchase. The Certificate of Analysis provides a complete list of all cannabinoids in the product, as well as therapeutic terpenes. It also lists any possible contaminants like pesticides or heavy metallics.