How to Earn the US CPA Designation Faster than Anyone Else

Author : Rahil Kumar | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

As it is rightly said surround yourself with assets not liabilities. Who else than an accountant can guide to preserve, promote, protect and secure the company’s assets. This makes his position vital in any organization. It is the reason why more and more people are aspiring to seek lucrative jobs in the global financial arena. No doubt, sound knowledge of the subject is a key component which can only be derived from professional mentors who can rightly guide and prepare the candidates to confidently forge ahead.

The prestigious CPA designation is earned by passing the 4 exams namely-

  • AUD - Auditing and Attestation
  • FAR - Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • REG - Regulation
  • BEC - Business Environment and Concepts

The knowledge of candidates in the CPA exam is tested via advanced testing techniques. The computer-based exams comprise of Multiple-Choice Questions, Task Based Simulations and Written Communication Tasks.

The Learning Management Software is also helpful in supplementing the preparation of a candidate. To derive the fruits of one’s hard work it is essential to choose and get connected with the right Training Institute while initiating their study journey for US CPA.

Surgent, a proprietor of A.S.A.P Technology delivers algorithmic-based adaptive learning thereby helping candidates save their study hours and pass the exams faster.

  1. Surgent’s state-of-the-art Adaptive Learning Technology is tailor-made to make CPA Exam study path easy. The mock exam indicates the standard of preparation and highlights the weaker and stronger areas about the current level of subject knowledge of the candidate.
  2. Study Material: Each individual has its own style of studying. Surgent provides conducive environment to that style vis- a vis providing physical handbooks, self-study and an audio course. The software also consists of several mock tests and quizzes.
  3. Mentorship: More than 350+ videos of US Professors along with experts in the field provide ample recorded lessons in bite-sized.
  4. High rate of Pass Percentage: Surgent has a pass rate of 88% guaranteeing students to pass the exam in one go.
  5. 5. Time saving: With the ability of analyzing the grey areas in a candidate’s preparation. Surgent helps in reducing the average study time making one study 4x faster thus making them exam ready and confident.

Right choices lead to fruitful results. Therefore, it is pertinent to mention that one should be very careful while choosing their best CPA Classes in India with an institute which should hand hold them at each step of their US CPA preparation journey by providing matchless learning environment and adequate support and assistance.