How to create engaging content for social media?

Author : Anurag M | Published On : 07 Sep 2021

How to create engaging content for social media?

Social media sites were initially acted as a source of communication and entertainment but today it has become one of the most popular tools of digital marketing. There are various features that support social media marketing such as volume of subscribers, direct communication with the audience via post or chat, as well as ability to promote /sell anything and everything via social media.

The social media marketing company in India focuses on creating varieties of content to sell/promote a brand, products, or services. Social media content is the main driving force behind the success or failure of a business. If the content is relevant or monotonous then even the most loyal subscribers will also unsubscribe themselves. The loss of subscribers will result in a drop in conversion rate, brand reach, and promotional activities.

To avoid this situation from occurring it is important to strike a balance between creating content for selling, spreading brand information, entertainment posts, and looping in the audience to do brand communication.

Types of social media content

Developing engaging content not only helps in introducing a brand, its products and services but also spread brand information using interesting visuals, graphics, and texts to increase the number of followers and subscribers on the social media page of the brand.

The content for social media posts can be developed using infographics, videos, audio, images, and text format to target the audience. This content helps a brand in selling and spread valuable information about the products/services effectively among its audience.

There are several types of engaging content. Let’s get to know each of them in more detail: There are four types of content as described below.

  • Contest: Such posts are published with a certain reward. Here users are called to take actions such as like, share, comment, review, repost, etc. The task can be as simple as hit the like button or as complex as writing a review. The difficult the task is higher will be the prize value. The very common practice done for such kind of post is randomly selecting a winner from the subscribers, or invite users to share the post on their social media wall, etc.

  • Opinion polls: In such posts, the problem is identified and posted where users are asked to share their opinions in the comment section. Sometimes the answers are given in multiple-choice format, Yes/No format, and if the user’s opinion is different from the given options, then the comment section is left open to write in it.

  • Game: Such posts are really engaging and entertaining at the same time. In this varieties of games are conducted through social media like solving puzzles, finding the difference in the picture, QnA, etc. The games can be designed in a way that all the right answers can lead the user to the next level of the game. Here also complex games will have higher rewards. The digital marketing agency in Bangalore gives special attention to design factors like eye-catchy images, visuals, animation, etc. A good visual always attract more visitors to the social media page and strike good engagement.

  • Addressing events: Such posts give the reaction about the particular events taking place in societies, politics, or in the cultural lives. This situational content is posted to target a particular section of the audience to know their reactions to it. Such posts are generally appearing like news feeds, where the social media marketing experts can increase the engagement rate via gathering a high volume of comments and likes. But one should remember that such posts should be non-controversial and non-provoking in nature.

Role of social media content

It may sound easy but content development is the most difficult and tricky job. The social media marketing company in India emphasizes creating varieties of content in bulk and analyse its results to understand their engagement rate to know what works best for the brands? If the content is good and engaging one then it will definitely help in business growth through effective brand promotion.

  • Brand advocates: The content that can keep subscribers engaged gather people with the same opinion, taste, and interests. Such subscriber after a period of time starts mouth of word game by posting their views in the comment section or sharing their experience after using the products/services on their wall. This creates an army of brand advocates who willingly share the benefits and recommend the products/services to the new users.

  • Increase brand reach and awareness: Sharing entertainment posts in the form of funny memes, contests, or visuals increase the chances of the post becoming viral. More are the repost of the post, more will be the brand reach. The increase in brand reach also spread brand awareness among the mass audience and force users to subscribe to the brand page on social media to avail of discounts, special offers, participate in contests or upcoming events.

  • Study audience: The digital marketing agency in Bangalore make maximum use of social media platform to establish powerful brand communication with the targeted audience. It’s not as easy as it sounds. As an SMM expert, it is very important to understand the audience, their demographics, their interests, intent, and preferences before developing any social media content. Even after posting the content, the job is not over. It is essential to gather data to analyse how social media posts performed to influence the audience behaviour? Such a study helps in developing better posts for social media platforms.