How to Choose Wooden Baby Walker

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 23 Dec 2021

Actually, it is not that it has any mystery ... but if I would like to comment two things about it.

1. There are many wooden push and pull toys on the market, but not all of them are safe. Quality comes at a price, even if we don't like it. Sometimes we have had wooden walker painted with who knows what paint, which came off easily.

That is why at home we are in love with #Kinderfeets brand toys (as they are not lacquered, the wood shows 100%). We also like other cheaper brands, like Hape, which uses sustainable woods and water-based paints.

2. Whenever we can, we buy the most natural toys possible, since the less colour they have, they will also be more timeless and versatile. Although children prefer painting, of course, and some also go well to colour the home! ????

Not at all! At home, we always prioritize wooden toys, but we are not radical either, hehe. There are some excellent plastic toys, such as Duplo or lego that allow to development of imagination, concepts of logic, the composition of space, etc.

And besides, there are times for everything. Plastic toys are ideal for:

  • Go to the beach, the pool or on a trip
  • Use in the bathtub
  • Play outdoors (they resist rain and inclement weather better)

I think I was a very lucky girl and at home, many years ago (well, not so many that I'm not that old, hahaha), the quality of the toys prevailed over the quantity. I had several wooden baby walkers that my mother has kept to this day, such as the train in the picture.

Now I am excited to have rescued them from oblivion so that I can play Earth with them and reaffirm that wooden toys, for us, are the best option. And for you?