How to Choose the Right Child Custody Lawyer

Author : johnw wick | Published On : 12 Oct 2021

There are quite a few practicing Child Custody Lawyers for you to select from, often specializing in child custody and divorce as well as practicing family law. If you are looking for a Child Custody Attorney, look for someone who is a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS). Depending on your particular case and circumstances you may not need those qualifications, but use them as a standard. Consulting with a Child Custody Lawyer on the outset of a child custody issue is a wise investment.

Referrals, internet directories, Bar Associations, Yellow Pages, and other places can be helpful in your search for a Child Custody Lawyer. This initial meeting is free of charge. There is no obligation for you to hire the services of a Child Custody Lawyer when you consult with them. This is the best time to get all your questions answered.

It won’t be hard to find a lawyer eager to take on your case, but you need to know their experience and competency level handling cases like yours. Are they familiar with the judges, custody mediators, and opposing counsel? By hiring a law firm with experience in these areas you will be better able to understand potential outcomes. Due to the timeframe you are working under, you should consult with as many Child Custody Lawyers as possible

An experienced child custody lawyer will be able to determine if judges or mediators favor dads or moms when it comes to reaching decisions. It is important to know what the opposing lawyer’s reputation is, as this could lead to better negotiations with that attorney.

A Child Custody lawyer Should Also Ask You The Following Questions

What will be the nature of your collaboration? Where will you be accompanied on your trail?

Who would be your best judge? Would any of them be inappropriate

How do you choose between good mediators and those who aren’t suitable to your case

How will your case turn out

How much is your case likely to cost

What is the timeline for the process

Will they employ the best strategy for your case

If the trial is not an option, what are your other options?

In almost every case in which children are involved, a divorce court mandates child support for one parent to pay the other. The primary physical custodian usually receives support payments.

A lawyer can help you determine the support payment, however, because it is a complicated calculation. A child support obligation if not met will either result in you paying too much or too little. Moldavan Law Firm can provide you with child custody and support arrangements that are suitable for your needs