How to choose the most appropriate location for your property?

Author : Enso Group | Published On : 06 May 2021

The property's location is the primary factor that affects the purchaser's buying decision and enhances the property's price exponentially over time. Especially when looking for a residential property in KandivaliEnso Group Sanza is the best option available to the buyers to make their dreams of owning a home natural.

The main point comes from what features and elements to be considered while finalizing a residential property in Kandivali. Here is the list of the aspects to explore to reach the eventual step of purchasing the property involving a hefty amount to be paid.

1. Things to tick right on before the final decision

Is it buying a property for a living or purchasing it with long-term prospects of getting a good appreciation and selling it with Returns? Then the wisest decision would be to consider current amenities provided at the place, opportunities, and potentials the property holds, and if it matches the budget and requirement of the purchaser/ investor. The liveliness- quotient is as crucial as the appreciation and growth aspects. So, ensure to have lively, upbeat, and pleasant surroundings and a supportive social and physical environment of the vicinity. If you are searching for residential property in Kandivali, you can check out Enso Group New Projects In Mumbai.

2. Understand the location

Prioritize the intentions and motive behind buying a residential property in Kandivali and make sure to have a crystal-clear picture of the property, whether the property has schools, medical facilities, shopping complexes, and entertainment centers around.

Moreover, figure out the prospects and growth aspects of the property, whether it is an Old and pre-established vicinity with lower chances of renovations and restructuring. At the same, if it is a new and emerging locality furnished with necessary amenities and if the property is in the initial stage of development with a wide range of opportunities, potentials, and probabilities like Enso Group Mumbai.

3. What is the appropriate time to invest in a locality?

Market research and analysis are necessary for finalizing the right time to invest in a residential property in Kandivali. The market forces of demand and construction of the residential property and the pricing and costs of such Investments help the buyers narrow down the final purchasing decision. There are boom and bearish faces in the market of real estate. So, the buyers and investors planning to invest massive amounts then study, research, and interpret the property market. Taking legal advice and experts helps determine all the factors and pen them down most essentials in chronological order of requirements and importance.

4. Locations with good growth potential

Besides the physical foundation and structure, and social surroundings, the buyer also looks for opportunities and growth prospects in the locality. Aspects such as industrial development, government stabilization, IT hubs, job centers, institutional establishments, and business tycoon offices are attractions for investors. Whether the locality will experience a booming and upward sloping growth graph, then the value of that residential property in Kandivali will appreciate many folds.

Additionally, the residential property in Kandivali should have good connectivity with the modern transport modes. Moreover, the negotiable prices of properties work as a favorable factor for the investors to risk worth in the property.


Buying a residential property comes out to be a big decision for a considerable investment. Before jumping to the conclusion and investing in any random property, the buyer must look into the above-stated aspects and factors responsible for reaching a wise and worthy decision. Figure out the requirement, the chief purpose of the purchase, budget constraint, and the property's future growth prospects and potential before making the final choice and paying off the amount. If you are looking for residential property in Kandivali, feel free to get in touch with Enso Group Kandivali East by reaching them out at