How To Choose Right Food To Feed Your Cat

Author : Rebecca Siggers | Published On : 29 Apr 2021

Any cat lover will go to great lengths to ensure their pet is safe and comfortable. This involves finding the right food for them. Fortunately, there are unlimited options for cats as far as food options are concerned. Whether you decide to go with the raw diet option or want instant bites, or even food options that you must cook, ensure that the combination of foods you select offers a balanced diet to the cat. Learning how to choose the right food is not difficult. All pet owners need to master their cat's preferences and food choices. It helps to introduce meals gradually and note the feeding habits of the cat. With time it is easy to note their favorite foods. Consider the suggestions and tips below to choose the right foods for your cats.

Focus on the Nutritional Content

It is essential to focus on nutritional value when choosing cat food.  Every living thing needs proper nutrition for it to thrive and grow. As such, investing in feeds that appreciate this aspect is essential. Do not buy the most expensive food on the shelves without checking the labels for the components. Pet owners need to understand what their cats need at any given time if they are to supply them with adequate and highly nutritious food rations.


Learn about cat's basic nutritional demands and ensure that each bag of cat food you purchase meets these basic requirements.  Good cat food does not necessarily have to be very expensive as long as it has all the components your cat needs. These include proteins, taurine, vitamins, water, minerals, fatty acids, and enzymes. 

If you can offer your cat food with all the components mentioned above, you are doing well nutritionally. Note that cats do not need carbohydrates, although most cat foods have some carbohydrates as filler materials. Other ingredients contained in these foods are binders, coloring, and flavoring.


Variety Counts

Once you know the components that make a nutritious meal for your cat, you will ensure that the cats get perfect portions of this healthy meal. However, consider giving your pet options of both dry and wet foods. Dry foods are generally convenient, especially if you want to leave food that your cats can nibble on without much supervision. On the other hand, meals with water are also important since they provide the liquid your cats need. 

Generally, cats do not drink a lot of water, which means having food with a bit of water or liquid compensates for this. More importantly, note that cats quickly get bored and tired when they eat the same type of meal every day. Make sure to change it often to ensure they have something they can look forward to.

The last thing you want is to deal with a cat that suffers from malnutrition because of deficiency or failure to feed.


Watch Out for Allergies

Like humans, cats can also develop allergies. Monitor the cat's behavior every time you introduce a different variety of food. On the same note, check the ingredients for different components that may be causing a problem. Eliminate foods with ingredients that seem to be problematic and adjust the diet accordingly. Caution is advised when picking foods for your cat, especially if it has a previous history of allergies.


The Label Details Reveal So Much

While you do not want to spend too much money buying cat food alone, you also don't want to go for cheaper brands with less nutritional value. Your goal should be to focus on the quality of feeds more than anything else. The label can help with this. Besides knowing the ingredients in the food, you also want to check if the manufacturers are compliant with the rules. 

Food can be great and contain all the ingredients beneficial to the pet, but it can be dangerous if there are unsafe additives. Fortunately, you don't have to strain yourself trying to establish if the manufacturer is doing the right thing or following the correct procedures. There are regulatory organizations in place to ensure that this is achieved. Check to see if such governing bodies have approved the cat food. 


Also, watch out for named protein sources because they are a great indicator of the overall quality of the cat food. Companies that use the best proteins in the market are concerned with the quality of the feeds, which should be an encouraging thing for you. Avoid products that generally indicate meat in their foods but buy from those that mention the specific meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, or fish. 

When buying canned cat food, make sure that the protein is the first component listed on the can or pass. More importantly, check for the expiry date of all the foods you purchase. Never serve expired food to your cat, which could lead to health complications that will only make you spend more money than you need to. Be wise and consider your pet's health first.