How to choose marine carpeting

Author : A-1 Foam and Fabrics | Published On : 15 Oct 2021

What is Marine Carpeting?

Marine carpet is carpet specifically made for marine use. Many manufacturers specialize in marine carpeting. Many grading systems are available to help consumers distinguish between different types of marine carpets. These special requirements make it difficult to use traditional carpeting in marine environments.

Where is it to be installed?

Marine Carpet can be installed on docks, gangways and other marine facilities. It can be used on boat decks. The flexible backing allows installers to ensure that the marine carpet conforms on any surface. It won't slip or bunch. Marine carpet is made from products that resist ultraviolet radiation. Regular sunlight exposure will not cause it to fade or become stained. It can also withstand damp environments such as docks, and is resistant to mold and mildew.

Things to Consider

Marine carpet designers must recognize the dangers of walking on slippery surfaces. This carpeting is comfortable and safe to walk on, even when it's wet. Marine carpet is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Boat carpeting is suitable for use in both marine and outdoor environments. This carpet is very popular for outdoor use due to its durability and toughness. You have many choices of colors and patterns to match your design. Manufacturers are also able to create customized patterns and colors. For special applications, marine carpet can also be made in unusual shapes and sizes.

Because of safety and hygiene concerns, marine carpet has a smaller pile. You can request samples to get an idea of all the options. When ordering samples, it is important that you indicate where the carpet will be placed. Manufacturers and dealers may offer suggestions about where and how to place carpeting products.

There are two types available for installation on boats: glue down and snap-in mats. These can be installed by the homeowner.

These are just a few of the many benefits of boat carpets:


Carpeting is durable. Your boat will have beautiful flooring. The Marine Carpeting is UV-resistant, so it will not be damaged by the sun. Because they resist sunlight and mold, UV-resistant carpets make a great choice for boats.


Boat carpets provide traction when flooring is in direct contact of water. If the flooring is carpeted, it will not slip in areas that are slippery. This is especially important for fishing in wet conditions.


Boat carpet is a great way to keep your boat's floors clean. Carpet maintenance does not require special skills. All dirt can be removed by regular sweeping. A sponge or scrub can be used to remove stubborn stains. Boat carpeting is resistant against stains and bleach, and can be scrubbed with a sponge.