How to choose LED spot downlights for the kitchen?

Author : Nakashi Trading | Published On : 11 Jun 2021

While designing and revamping your kitchen, getting hands on the right kind of LED spot downlights is crucial. Your love for cooking should receive an excellent complement with the best type of spot downlights installation. Perfect lighting in your kitchen enhances an overall cooking and eating experience to a great extent.

There is no use in spending hefty amounts to buy LED lights in Dubai if they don’t have anything qualitative to offer to your kitchen.

So, what to do?

The goal is to make a smart and rewarding investment for your kitchen lighting. To help you out make the right choice, here are four critical things to consider.

Colour temperature and mood relation

The modern LED lights are available in various colour temperatures. These tend to range between 2700k for the warm white tones to 6500k for the daylight cool white tones. If you wish to transform your kitchen to give it a chic and shaker-style vibe, a warm white light ranging between 2700-3000k will suit the purpose. However, if you prefer a calmer tone, you can opt for a cool white light producing 4000k LED spot downlights.

An integration of choice for fitting or a retro one

To decide this, you should be clear about the difference. An integration downlight means fixing the source of light and omitting the use of a bulb. The advantages for opting for this fit are as follows:

  • A greater degree of lighting output
  • Consistent and smooth dimming
  • Standard IP and fire rating
  • Allow interchangeability of bezels.
  • Warranty supports extended functionality.

However, if you have a relatively less budget, you can opt for retrofit light. Also, if there is a false fit, the whole design needs remodelling and not just a single bulb. On the contrary, a retrofit allows you to buy a bulb holder and a bulb. Usually, it’s a GU10. the benefits are as follows:

  • Relatively cheaper
  • Changing a bulb is more manageable than revamping the whole thing.

But, you should be careful about checking the bulb warranty and the inability of the fittings to suit all bulb designs. Hence, be careful when you wish to buy LED lights in Dubai.

Downlight ratings - IP or Fire?

Here’s a suggestion. DON’T sacrifice the fire rating when you are thinking of installing or changing the kitchen lighting. Your kitchen should have proper holes in the ceiling that will protect the floors in case of a fire breakout. Hence, while choosing LED spot downlights, make sure that you choose the one with a fire rating. IP rating may or may not be a deciding factor as they are more useful in splash areas like the washroom. For bathroom lighting, you can buy LED lights from LED supplier in Dubai who provide IP65 rating.

Your preference of lighting

Modern LED lights have a considerable variety and might give you a tough time you to select. Before choosing the LED spot downlights for your kitchen, choosing from the different light moods available is better. You can go for fittings and bulbs that are dimmable. Replacement cost for bright LED lights can be expensive and can go beyond the budget. But, there’s no point in restricting yourself. Be a smart buyer between opting for primary dimmers or installing Lutron and Rako like automation systems.


Placing the right LED light in your kitchen will cater to various needs. To pick the correct downlights for your kitchen, you have to consider all the above factors. They will help you choose the right Led spot downlights for the kitchen according to your choice, fittings, rating requirements, and budget.