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Author : Robin jack | Published On : 13 May 2022

NRIs who plan to return to India in the future want to buy a house or other immovable property in the country. NRIs also invest in immovable property in India to achieve a decent return on their investment. There are numerous other instances in which NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, or other foreign citizens transact real estate in India. eg • Purchasing property in India • Inheriting property in India • Leasing or Renting Property • Selling Property • Gifting or Relinquishing Property At The LuXia — Property Management Company in Delhi, India, we help NRIs and foreign citizens with a variety of transactions involving immovable property in India. The following are some of the services that we commonly provide to our NRI and foreign citizen clients: Property Search : We assist NRIs in identifying a suitable builder, property management services, weakness/strength of certain property/builder/area, and Do’s and Don’ts because we are based in India and NRIs are based outside India. We can also communicate with the broker/seller on behalf of the NRI buyer. · Legal Position : We also provide legal advice to our NRI clientele in India. NRIs, for example, are prohibited from purchasing agricultural land in India under RBI regulations. Similarly, there are a number of other laws that must be followed in accordance with RBI regulations. We also recommend how the funds should be transmitted to India to purchase the property, such as through an NRO or NRE account. We also recommend that the property be purchased in whose name. We also provide tax advice, such as income tax, wealth tax, service tax, stamp duty, and so on. · Being Power of Attorney of NRI : When the Sale Purchase Document, also known as the ‘Sale Deed’ or ‘Agreement to Sale,’ is registered with the Registrar of Property in India, the property acquisition is complete. This takes place at the RoP office in the jurisdiction where the immovable property is located. Web :