How to choose an African Serval for your home?

Author : Samuel Cattery | Published On : 14 Jul 2021

Every cat lover’s dream is to own a purring friend other than the usual house-cats. An African Serval can be an excellent option that will keep you happy and busy by its funny antiques. Choosing an African Serval is simple if you follow certain guidelines.

Do you want an adult cat or a kitten?

You need to be very sure about the cat you want to adopt and pet. Purrfect Spot Cattery is a reliable platform that regularly advertises African Serval for Sale. Explore the list carefully and choose the cat friend of your choice.

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Be sure about the weight and size

While selecting an African Serval for Sale, it is hugely important to be sure about the exact dimensions of the animal. In this case, you have to think beyond the first point mentioned above. Keep in mind that an African Serval can grow up to 0.8 meters in length (head to tail-tip). A fully grow cat of this sub-species can weigh 12 kg.

Get some hints about the cat’s behavior

It is helpful to know a thing or two about how the cat behaves, especially in a new environment. You can enquire relevant details from the seller in this context.

Know about the trigger points

An African Serval Cat is a friendly animal that seeks affection and in return gives unlimited love. But, you have to be careful about certain trigger points that might make it very restless or borderline violent.

Do not hurry in making a decision

There is no need to be in haste while finalizing a decision to adopt the cat. Take your time to surf through a list of African Serval cats, and gather as much valuable information about the sub-species as possible. This helps you in petting it, too.

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Enquire whether the cat is neutered

It is essential to make an enquiry about the fact whether the cat is neutered by the seller or you have to initiate measures.

Is the cat healthy?

It is also equally important to know whether the African Serval is healthy at the time you are buying it. If it has a medical history, then you should request reports from the online seller.

How will it behave with other cats?

This is a crucial enquiry, too. If you are an ardent cat lover and already have a cat (or multiple cats) at home, then you should know about the general behavior of the African Serval in presence of other domestic cats. Usually, the African Serval is an independent, peaceful animal and loves to relax in its exclusive space.

You can seek advice from cat-crazy friends

Everyone has a friend who is crazy about cats and pets them. You can ask for some tips from this person to choose an African Serval. Keep in mind that the friend should have experience of petting an African Serval, and not just any other domestic cat.

Happy cat-shopping!

These tips can hopefully help you in choosing a lovely, funny and happy African Serval. Bring your friend, today!