How to Change Your AOL Password

Author : Jeny Miller | Published On : 11 Jun 2021

How to Change Your AOL Password

You must set up your AOL account with a strong password, same as your Internet account. No problem how strong your password is; try to change your AOL account password from time to time. It is especially needed as your account is hacked or compromised without your permission. There are two different methods to change your AOL account password. Either you are using your internet browser on your Mac or System. To resolve it quickly, you must call AOL Helpline Number to fix it immediately.

How to Change Your AOL Password If You Know Your Existing Password?

It is one of the methods that are mentioned below to change your AOL account password.

  • Access a browser and move to the AOL website. If you can’t sign in to your AOL account, log in now.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right of the web page. You will be brought to your account page.
  • Press Account Security on the navigation page
  • Press change password
  • Type the new password you wish to use, and then type it again to confirm you and then type it correctly.
  • Press the Show Password that makes it simple to enter. When you are finished, press Continue.

Now, your new password is saved.

How to Reset Your AOL Password if You Have Lost Your Password?

  • Access a browser and go to the AOL website. Type your Username on the Login page and press next.
  • Press Forgot password on a page to mention your password
  • Go to the instructions to set your password. The methods will vary depending on the security process you have set up. AOL may send a one-time verification code to your email address. After you mention the code, you will be given the option to change your password.
  • Answer some security questions to get a new password and confirm it as soon as you change it.
  • Once the password is changed, try to log in with the new password for your AOL account.
  • The new password is now helping you to access your AOL account.

After following the above procedure, you must dial the AOL customer care number to change it instantly. This way, you will come to know about How to Change AOL Password with some methods. The technical team is capable and fully trained to recover your lost AOL account password.