How to become software engineering in hindi

Author : Adam Stiffman | Published On : 15 Oct 2021

Focus on your academics and try to score good JEE marks and secure admission in Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges. I suggest trying to get a CS or IT branch even if you have to trade it with a college. This is a very difficult subject so consult properly and then call.


Study your math properly it is very important in software development and later stages of logical development. If you can take some time out from your busy schedule, try learning coding. YouTube is a great place to start learning.


Some YouTube channels I recommend:


New Boston: Good for understanding the basics and fundamentals of the language. Learn C++ first and then Python.

MyCodingSchool: This is a good channel for learning algorithms and various computer science fundamentals.

Siraj Rawal: This youtuber makes very good video related to computer science but i will not recommend it in 11-12th std but in later stages you will enjoy it.

Neso academy: This is a good channel to clear your basic electronics concepts. The reason why I am suggesting this is because computers basically work on binary calculations. Having a basic electronics knowledge like how gates, etc work, would really help.
Mainly I would suggest that one should learn Java or C++ to some extent in one of the programming languages. And make some projects using them.


 software engineer banne ke liye 10th ke baad kya kare 


scientific calculator
banking system
student marks calculator
These may sound complicated but trust me they are very easy once you start coding.


Please don't make the mistake of focusing on multiple languages ??at the same time.


Software engineers are no less than an artist. To be a great software engineer you need great problem solving skills.


Knowing several languages ??is not so important. Once you have a mastery over a language you can easily switch to others easily.


Also try to understand how things work around you. How does your lift work? How are calls handled in a call center?