How To Beat Procrastination - You'll Always Be A Slave To Procrastination Unless You Take This Step

Author : Adam Shafqat | Published On : 02 Mar 2021

When it comes to enemies of creativity, procrastination is one of those words that can make grown artists quiver with fear.

Procrastination habits can be more destructive to your ability to create consistently - and sometimes to create ANYTHING at all - than virtually anything else.

One of the reasons it's so difficult to overcome procrastination is because much of the time we don't realise we're in it's grip.

Those "innocent" little diversions like checking your favourite websites for any vital new content you might've missed or watching just a couple of episodes of a TV show, slip by as unnoticed as black panther at midnight.

But these little distractions all add up. And they add up to time you could be spending creating, but aren't.

The first step in learning how to beat procrastination is to acknowledge that you do it, to admit that yes you have a number of favourite habits and techniques you use to avoid creating. Admitting you procrastinate is not about making yourself feel guilty or casting judgement that you've committed unforgivable sins. You're not going to have to put on a pointy hat with a giant "P" on it and be forced to stand in the corner for 6 hours!

Admitting you procrastinate is a simple shift in awareness. But it's such a powerful shift.

What it does is give you control again of your time and of your creativity. Before, when you procrastinate it's been like sitting in front of a TV with only one channel. You haven't been told that there are any other channels, so you've felt you've had no choice but to watch this one.

Once you admit and recognise you procrastinate, it's as if someone's handed you the TV remote control and said, "You don't have to watch this channel, there are all these other options. There's also a button to turn the TV off..."

By regaining that feeling that you and only you are in control of your creativity, you're instantly more empowered and more motivated to create more.

And once you've taken the first crucial step to overcoming procrastination, you're in an ideal position to take the next step. That is to recognise when you procrastinate, and how you procrastinate. Armed with these details - the times and ways you're most likely to procrastinate rather than create - you can REALLY start to get back in control of your creative freedom.

Remember though, you can only beat procrastination if you take that first step - admit you procrastinate.

And that's something you can today, here, and now.