How similar are rummy & cricket?

Author : shreya paul | Published On : 02 Jul 2021


Indians love to play rummy and cricket. Cricket is almost a religion in the Indian subcontinent. It was played for the first time in India's pre-independence era. Since then, it has become a national cult. Our national cricket team represents India at international cricket events, including the Cricket World Cup. We have tournaments such as the IPL to celebrate our love of the game.


On the other hand, Rummy is a very popular card game and a part of our culture. This card game is played by millions every day across the country. This strategy game offers amazing opportunities to win real money in prizes.


Although rummy and cricket are two different games, there are striking similarities. Although it may sound absurd to compare an outdoor and indoor game, you'll be amazed at the deeper connections between them. Let's first understand how they play.



Two teams of eleven players play cricket together. They use game equipment such as bats, balls, and stumps. The goal of the match is to win by either defending the total score or scoring more runs than the opposition team.


Two to six people can play Rummy using two or more standard decks of cards, including one printed joker. Each player receives 13 cards, which must be arranged in sets and sequences. Players must have at most two sequences, at least one of which must be pure, and all cards must be arranged in sets or sequences to win the game. The game is won by the player who declares a valid show before any other player at the table.


Games of Skill

What are the similarities between rummy and cricket? Skill is the key to winning both at cricket and rummy. It is not easy to make it to India's cricket team. To improve their game skills and knowledge, a player must undergo years of training. Other than game skills, players must also be able to work together and coordinate their efforts. Many small things can make or break a game, from dropping a catch to making a great shot,

You will also not be able to win rummy if you don't know the rules. To excel in the game, it is essential to be familiar with game rules and strategies. This game will test your decision-making, analytical, and logical skills. You can even ace with less-than-stellar cards if you're good at it. You can still play rummy regularly and gain real-world experience. Rummy requires the same mental focus and presence as cricket to be successful.


Game Formats

Their formats are another commonality between the two sports. There are three formats of cricket: ODI (T20), Test, and T20. Rummy can also be played in three formats: deals rummy (points rummy), pool rummy (deals rummy), and test rummy (test).


Points rummy and T20 are the fastest formats. Each team plays 20 games and attempts to achieve the goal. Points rummy is the same except that each game has one deal, and it's played for points. At the start of a cash game, points are given a monetary value. Rummy's joker is similar to cricket's free hit, giving the players a chance to score.


When it comes to the time durations of ODI and deals, they can easily be compared. These games are only played for a short time. Each team receives 50 runs to either play or bowl the other team in the ODI format. Deals rummy is played for a set number of deals, i.e., 2, 3, 4, or 6 are the possible deals in deal rummy. The game is won by the player who has the most chips at the end.


Pool rummy and test matches are very similar. A test match can last up to five days and 90 overs per day. Pool rummy, a tiring variant of rummy, can go on for several rounds. There are two types of pool rummy: 101 pool and 101 pool. Players are eliminated when they reach 101 and 201 points. Both pool rummy and Test matches offer players the chance to win back and avoid losing. You can win the next round even if you lose in the first round. In Test matches, players can win the second innings if they have a bad day.


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