How Sales Reps Can Find Their Intrinsic Motivation

Author : Emily Clarke | Published On : 16 Oct 2021

One of the primary reasons people do things – take action, go to work, set objectives and use our willpower — is because we are motivated. There are two forms of motivation that are widely accepted: intrinsic motivation (internal motivation) and extrinsic drive (external motivation).

Motivation is essential for getting you moving, improving, excelling and putting in that additional effort even when you don’t feel like you have energy left to keep you going. So let’s look at some sales motivation ideas to keep your sales staff’s fire burning.


Efficacy is the personal confidence in our ability to attain the objectives we define for ourselves. It is whether we believe we have what it takes to succeed at what we do.

It’s not difficult to understand how self-efficacy is related to improved self-esteem, improved performance and, of course, more drive. Employees with high self-efficacy are more likely to work harder, set more demanding objectives for themselves and be more motivated to develop their abilities.

Connect Actions to a Larger Objective

It is critical to discover one’s “why” in life. This implies that your staff must be honest about why they do what they do and what drives them. And regardless of how insignificant a task appears to be, it could always be related to something greater and better. Rephrasing how their activities may benefit people and make an impact on the world can be a strong motivator.


Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. It may also assist in improving your employees’ internal motivation by enabling them to feel purposeful in helping others in need, acquiring new skills, feeling positive about themselves or connecting to some of their personal values, like compassion and humanitarianism.


Self-determination is one of the best self-motivation ideas out there. Staff will be more motivated to provide their best if their positions allow them to grow and learn and if they have enough liberty to do things their own way and be innovative. Furthermore, because humans are social creatures, they require a sense of belonging and respect from others.

Engage in one-on-one talks with your sales representatives to understand what motivates them to get up every morning eager and determined to win! Motivation is what drives people to do tasks. Discussing individual sales motivation ideas with your employees will make them feel heard. To inspire your sales staff, you must first establish an environment that fosters intrinsic motivation.

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