How Much Food Should My Baby Eat?

Author : James Massey | Published On : 06 May 2021

Feeding your baby with fresh organic baby food is essential for brain development and overall growth. After introducing your infant to solid foods, you may have concerns about what your baby should eat and how many calories they should get. We’re here to guide you through the baby food stages and calories that your little one needs! Read more to know how much your baby should eat every day.

Calorie Averages

We can determine the approximate caloric intake based on your baby’s age, weight, physical activity, metabolic rate, and interest in food. If your baby is between six to 12 months old, ensure they receive at least 90-120 calories per kg of body weight.

After one year, most children’s growth and appetite slow down. On average, children of one to six years old should receive at least 75 to 90 calories per kg.

Baby boys generally require more calories than baby girls. This difference is because boy babies are usually heavier than girls.

Research on children’s food habits points out that most kids during this stage are not aware of hunger and sometimes won’t eat. Skipping meals can cause overeating later, which experts warn can lead to obesity. Parents should make sure that their children don’t skip meals.

How Will I Know if My Baby Is Eating Enough?

You want to ensure that your baby gets the necessary calories as per their age and weight. Instead of counting on calories, let your child eat until they are full. If your baby rejects the food, it’s a sign that they no longer want it.

The child must feel hungry to eat the correct number of calories. If the child often eats junk food, they may refuse to eat fresh baby food. Stick to a schedule so that your child experiences the feeling of hunger.

If you want your baby to have many vegetables and fruits, don’t bribe them with few bites of meat. It will create a wrong impression about vegetables. Instead, try to create an atmosphere that every food is equally tasty.

Also, keep in mind that no single food is the best baby food. Your infant should receive a variety of nutrients from various ingredients. Experts like Little Spoon prepare and deliver fresh organic baby food using over 100 ingredients to make it easier to introduce your little one to a wide range of food. You can order online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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