How long does it take to learn a digital marketing course?

Author : Careerera Education | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

Digital marketing managers monitor search engine improvements to see how they affect website rankings. In addition, the whole digital marketing team jointly collaborates to create and develop new strategies.

The digital revolution has brought about a mass exodus to the usage of digital technologies. Hence, marketers are quickly upgrading their social media, e-commerce, and data analytics skills to respond to the shift in customer behavior online.

Hence, to run the competitive race with the ever-changing technology, digital marketers must remain updated and current with their skills and knowledge. A digital marketing professional aspirant may harness all the relevant skills and knowledge through proper digital marketing courses. With the help of some certifications, online courses, and on-the-job skill training, even if you don't have a marketing background, you get the freedom to pursue a career in digital marketing as the field is flexible and does not require a mandating subject.

Duration of learning Digital Marketing skills

Now, how long does it take to learn digital marketing courses?

Digital marketing has variants of areas and verticals that require different skill sets. Owing to this, there are varying courses, each following different modules and time periods.

A conventional university program in digital marketing will require the normal 3 years for Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing and two years at Post Graduate level. However, serving as a better alternative, there are numerous digital marketing certifications courses that one can complete well over in 3 to 6 months.


Some popular digital marketing certifications and their course duration are:

  1. Careerera Digital Marketing Professional (DMP by DMVersity): This digital marketing course is of 6 months duration. This course will help professionals learn how to effectively use digital strategies and channels to connect with clients for higher acceptability of your products and consumables.
  2. Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing: PGP in Digital Marketing certification course is for 12 months that will provide comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and skills that are crucial for digital marketers. An excellent and comprehensive certification course is required for a fresher who wishes to enter the field of digital marketing or for a working professional already in the field who wishes to refine his abilities and increase his knowledge. This PGP completely meets that prerequisite in the Digital Marketing course.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Those who enjoy learning and growing will find that SEO training will strengthen and refine their current job profile, allowing them to apply for new opportunities and possibilities as they arise. This course will take about 12 weeks or 50 hours to complete.
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