How long do I need to hold on to get my new dental implants?

Author : Sam Khoury | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

Numerous reasons can be attributed to why people opt for dental implants. Some of them might be looking to replace their teeth that may be missing or help them eliminate or retain dentures.

However, the length of the treatment is dependent upon the implant procedure. Placing a single implant could take half an hour, and several implants will naturally take longer.

But it is essential to be aware that the entire process from start to finish might take months. Treatment might take longer if the tooth was extracted due to a gum or tooth infection.

Time scale and stages

A dental implants Yardley PA follows a two-stage process. The dentist may incorporate a healing abutment onto the implant during the first stage and close the gum around it. It will shape the gum during the process of healing and prevent the need for any surgical form of treatment in the future.

The moment the implant has integrated, the stage of impression is complete. The dentist allows the gum to heal at a generic level, and the implant needs to fuse with the jawbone before replacing the teeth.

The average period of healing would last from six weeks to six months. Due to soft bone, the upper jaw would take some extra amount of time. The bone, which is the lower jaw, might be dense that will make the process quicker.

In the first few weeks, regular visits to a dentist are going to be a frequent occurrence. It might be for the adjustment of dentures so that the healing process of the implant is being monitored. The final replacement of the teeth takes place 3 to 9 months after the implant procedure.

Does implant deserve the worth?

The placement of a dental implant or the replacement teeth follows a couple of stages. The time frame could vary between six weeks to six months, as mentioned earlier. It is a good reason for all the available time scales.

You cannot consider an implant a race; at a natural pace, the implants and the body have to heal. Then you may enjoy your new tooth for a prolonged period.

Individual issues and timescale might be specific to your case, and feedback may be obtained from a dental surgeon like Dr. Sam Khoury. Only after consultation and planning, a dental surgeon can provide tips about the procedure. You may reach him by visiting his web page: