How LIFO Can Streamline Your Business Processes?

Author : Kim Hill | Published On : 18 Mar 2021

Nowadays, if you want to succeed in your business domain, you need to deploy a winning business strategy and organizational skills. Most people start a business by just turning on their computers and hiring a team with different skill sets. But, what they don't know it’s all about deploying of right skills at the right time. This is where the importance of Life Orientation has come into existence. It is the most important tool or a model that helps businesses to identify and utilize their employees' strengths properly.

Whether it is about project planning, analysis, plan execution or timely delivery, teamwork plays a significant role. LIFO model helps in identifying the specific behavioral skills of any person that leads to individual and group productivity. The LIFO method helps in assigning tasks to the team based on their behavioral preference of how to approach and how to get things done. With the help of implementing LIFO approaches, companies can easily reach newer heights while enhancing their team potential.

Here's how the LIFO (Life Orientations) method can streamline business processes:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: The foremost advantage of using LIFO is improved teamwork and collaboration. Also, it makes the team organized to accomplish all the project tasks smoothly. You can assign tasks to the team members as per their specific behavioral skill sets along with technical expertise. In this way, they will do their task more productively without missing out on anything.
  • Personal Development: Personal development is a critical part to represent yourself well on any platform. LIFO allows you to help your employees identifying their specific talents and personal styles. In this way, you can help them understand their behavioral style in unfavorable as well as favorable conditions that will ultimately prove to be helpful in personality development to them.
  •  Utilizing Strength: As everyone has their way of dealing with situations and has a different point of view towards their work, every person is born with the specific strengths that set them apart in their group. LIFO allows you to utilize those unique strengths of your employees to boost the project execution process. For instance, if your employees have good leadership skills, good selling skills or excellent communication, you can assign them tasks accordingly.
  • Stress Management: Stress in employees can affect their productivity at work and performance. By assigning them tasks as per their specific skill sets help your employees to do their work with interest and passion. Thus, LIFO can also work for stress management at a workplace that has a great impact on organizational culture.
  • Effective for The Entire Team: LIFO is not just effective for team members who are working under a team lead and working as per the management rules. It is beneficial for the entire team or organization including training & development professionals, HR managers, senior leaders, teachers & coaches, individual contributors as well as project heads.

Summarizing this, LIFO moderates excesses and minimize blind spots within you and your team to give a positive impact on your business.

About LIFO: LIFO (Life Orientations) is the most preferred and practical approach based on behavioral science principles that are used to enhance a business's productivity while managing the team tasks.

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