How job hunting has changed over the period of time

Author : General Advice | Published On : 10 Jun 2021

Over the past few years, the employment sector has evolved dynamically. People have moved from the vacancies and classified pages of newspapers to the online job search sites for finding a job. Just like the competition that has become stiff, the demand for soft skills and technological knowledge has risen tremendously. 

As recruiters have migrated greatly to the digital realm, the online job hunt has become quite the preferred way of talent sourcing. Technology and the internet have exploded in popularity, and so have the online job search portals. Why? Because searching job online presents a wide array of benefits. Some of these include:


Candidates can reach a bigger audience of employees

Everyone’s quite familiar with the fact that the internet is a global phenomenon. With more and more employers gaining access to the internet every day, candidates can gain better exposure to a huge potential of recruiters. Especially, people who dream of working in a foreign country can easily find jobs when they look online.


Company research will be easy

When individuals search on job search sites before and after they apply for a job, they can search online and sometimes the job board redirects the employee directly to the company portal. Doing so can help candidates to avoid companies with a bad reputation and learn about the organization so that they can put their best foot forward during the interview.


Networking made easy

When people search for a job online on sites such as Jobster Linked In, Plaxo, Spoke and Facebook’s Branch out, they can spread the word about their caliber and post a professional profile. In this way even though they pick an employer, their profile will still be open to work. They can embrace the freelancing opportunities, or connect with other organizations in case they seek a job shift in their future.


What’s going on in the industry?

Individuals often use professional platforms to analyze industry criteria. For example, if someone s a project manager then he can use job boards to determine the salary structure that other companies are providing and can ask for a raise accordingly. Or if someone is an HR then they can use job boards to determine the qualities that are required for certain roles.


Job search sites are the platform to interact with a multitude of companies and gather the information that keeps the industry going on. These sites are definitely a step ahead of the conventional job hunting methods, but recruiters and employees have to be aware alike to avoid the scammers active on the platform.


The bottom line

Even though job search sites are in the limelight now, unemployment is still an issue. Some individuals are still struggling to find a job because of the cut-throat competition in the recruitment sector. Job hunting on the internet is easy, but people fall for fraud as well. So, it is always advised to do a background check for the employer on social networks like Linkedin, etc., or find recommendations and reviews for the company.


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