How is Cryptocurrency App Development Changing the Game Of Finance Industry?

Author : Jessy Rayder | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

With every industry leverages the latest advancements and technology, the finance industry is not far to visualize the same.

There are most of the things that are changing the way to conduct financial transactions in the year 2021. Whether it is online transactions, digital payments, cryptocurrency adoption, or the bitcoin finance industry. There are several innovations that are revolutionizing the future of the finance world.

In this era, people go for digital payments than putting physical money with themselves. Here is how cryptocurrency has come into the picture. This smart currency does not have any physical existence yet. But is easy to transfer. 

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming easy after the cryptocurrency app development. With development apps like Robinhood are innovated. Such innovations are changing the game of the cryptocurrency world. 

We can completely see that the cryptocurrency mode of payment is laying the foundation for a more inclusive global financing system.

Let's read the blog post to know how cryptocurrency is a brilliant addition to the finance world. Also, why businesses are moving towards creating clones of WazirX Clone like cryptocurrency platforms.

Blockchain app development

Let's Know What Cryptocurrency Is?

Before digging into cryptocurrency trading, its benefits, and why it is popular, let us know about it in detail. 

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does not have any physical existence. It runs through a blockchain network. The currency is running off the decentralized system.  Next, it needs apps to do transactions of cryptocurrency. Here is where cryptocurrency app development company comes from.

Right now cryptocurrency does not have any physical existence thus it is generally issued by any central authority.

There are some countries,  which are still not excepting the existence of cryptocurrency, but many developed countries have found it a significant breakthrough in businesses.  

Most of the countries are using cryptocurrency using blockchain technology in several forms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Apart from this, there are more than 5,000 other cryptocurrencies used by people worldwide. 

Ten Types of Cryptocurrencies That Are In Use Globally. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Litecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • EOS
  • Tezos

Benefits of Cryptocurrencies That Enhanced Cryptocurrency App Development

Hassle-free transactions worldwide

There was a time when you had to come across hectic transactions and wait for a longer time to transfer money. As cryptocurrency has been introduced, the problems of transacting money have been resolved a lot. One can transfer the currency in an easier way than before. Thus, it provides a secure medium to users rather than other modes. 

Cryptocurrency provides benefits to a lot of businesses, companies, and brokers. In the present scenario, one does not have time to do a lot of bank paperwork for paying payments or invest more accessible for every transaction.

So, this is where cryptocurrency brings the best payment platform for the users and does not involve any paperwork or not requiring transaction fees as well. 

Easy transfer of assets

The best advantage of using cryptocurrency is it allows easy transfer of assets that no other form of investment or currency offers.

In other cases, you have to put so much time and effort into transferring the assets. In cryptocurrency investments and payments, you can hassle-free transfer the ownership of assets on one name to another name by paying the seller through bitcoin.

Most probably there are many cryptocurrency app platforms which are designed in such a way that it offers you easy third-party approvals. 

Secure payment gateway Due To Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

The other benefit of dealing with cryptocurrency is safety. No doubt you as a user always looks for a payment gateway that is safe and secure and does not breach your personal information.

And cryptocurrency app development company takes care of this. Such companies have developed highly secure platforms allowing users to have each transaction in a unique way.

Like they generate different and unique OTPs, verification captcha for every transaction. The identity of the users is highly protected and can be hidden. Moreover, there are many more customizations that are done within it. 

Low transaction fee 

Carrying out transactions internationally or sometimes transferring huge transactions can cost you more as there is an extra fee for the transaction.

Performing too many transactions through banks and other mediums is another way that ends up paying you a whopping amount of fee. And in that scenario, nothing is best to have a currency or platform where there is a low transaction fee. This is where the cryptocurrency app is one of the best options. 

Such currency and its platforms have developed, keeping the needs of users in mind. With the cryptocurrency network, you are charged with no to fewer charges for every transaction you. No matter whether the transaction is high or low, the fees are always low. 

Easy money management With Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

Since we are now well versed that cryptocurrencies let you hold your money without the interference of any legalized authority like banks.

Thus people who deal within the cryptocurrencies have their own personalized wallets.

Many cryptocurrency wallet app development companies develop such wallets for easy management of cryptocurrency.

Such wallets keep their crypto assets safe and sound. 

Each wallet has a private key that is only known by the users. It lets them receive payments from others.

The users who have keys are the only owner of that wallet and can access it.

It is reported that there are around 70 million people using blockchain wallets across the globe. 

Highly secured as compared to others

While carrying the transactions across the banks and other systems,  there are chances of information breaching and data loss.

Every day you find new cases of bankruptcy, theft, money lost from accounts, and so on.  Thereby, the need for a secure platform is in high need. 

And cryptocurrency in that case is best. With no physical existence, there is no chance of theft. Secondly, once the transaction is done, the reliable encryption systems within the cryptocurrency platforms keep it secure.

This encryption creates a unique identity and codes every time, making it impossible for hackers to breach your information and use your cryptocurrency. 

Closer Look At What's New Within Cryptocurrency

Talking about the popularity of cryptocurrency, there are several figures that have been estimated in years, making cryptocurrency a new normal in today's time. Let's know about the current scenario in detail. 

  • With the major benefits of cryptocurrency, an increasing number of businesses across the world have accepted it. Microsoft, Tesla, Starbucks, AXA Insurance, Amazon, Visa, PayPal, Air Baltic, Coca-Cola, Expedia, OverStock, Subway, and Shopify are among those top companies. These are using cryptocurrency to the fullest.
  • What is making cryptocurrency more acceptable and popular is it offers holding (39%), staking and lending (22%), and payments (11%).
  • According to Cambridge Business School in the year 2020, cryptocurrency asset owners rose from 190% ±5 million in 2016 to ±101 million in Q3 2020, which is quite more than any other currency acceptance. 
  • Another thing about cryptocurrency is now it is referred to as virtual currency in the current scenario.
  • The more acceptable form of cryptocurrency is bitcoin, in which most of the investors and other financiers are investing. 

Wrapping Up: 

Cryptocurrency is one of the best alternatives to cash and credit cards, and its acceptance is making it popular.

It has taken the digital world to the storm, increasing the need for several cryptocurrency wallet app development companies to find platforms like Robinhood Clone and others.

The demand for technologically sound platforms where users can deal with this type of currency easily. is on rising. So the cryptocurrency is on rising.   

The ample benefits of cryptocurrency, as discussed above, are providing satisfactory results increasing the interest of the investor, stock market, and other industries to look out for cryptocurrency trading.

This is the reason why many companies have gone ahead to develop cryptocurrency apps to make it easier for people to transact in cryptocurrency. Hope you find this information useful and has given you a good understanding of cryptocurrency and how it is used.