How does a Webp image work? What are the benefits of using an extension in Magento 2?

Author : Simon Walker | Published On : 20 Sep 2021

How does a Webp image work? What are the benefits of using an extension in Magento 2?

With WebP, you can compress and decompress images on the web without losing any quality. In addition to creating smaller, faster images, WebP allows webmasters and web developers to create richer, higher-quality images.

How WebP Images Work:

WebP lossy compression uses a method called predictive coding to compress an image, which is the same way the VP8 video codec compresses keyframes in videos. By using values from neighboring pixels, predictive coding predicts what a block will be, then encodes only the difference.

With lossless WebP compression, images are reconstructed precisely using previously seen image fragments. A local palette may be used if no interesting matches are found.

Benefits and Using of Webp image extension:

Using Magento 2 WebP extensions, you can implement a technique for shrinking conventional images and converting them into a light and fast Google WebP format that is optimized for speed and lightness. By using this method, you will be able to increase the performance and SEO of your website.

Webp Images Have the Following Important Features:

  1. WebP images are easy to convert

  2. The image is almost half the size

  3. No folders are included when converting WebP

  4. The image quality is set

  5. It should be possible to enable lazy loading

  6. Support for multiple browser platforms

  7. Optimize your website's SEO and performance

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are just a few of the tools, libraries, and browsers that support WebP natively. Developers have also made a number of image-editing programs available.

The performance and loading speed of a website impact search engine optimization. It is important to optimize the visual content on your website for WebPs in order to increase visibility online and traffic.

The purpose of this extension is to improve the speed, performance, and SEO of your website. Your website must be configured to allow lazy loading. This extension allows you to optimize the quality of the images on your website.