How Do You Find Quality Used Utes? 4 Keys to Finding the Winners

Author : Kedron Car Centre | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

Shopping around for used utes for sale in Brisbane takes a little leg work, but with the right research behind you, it's easy to make a smart financial investment in your new vehicle. So, what are some key factors you should be looking for when it's time to find a new-to-you ute?

Quality Used Utes for Sale in Brisbane: 4 Keys to Finding the Winners

1. Brisbane Dealerships

If you're a Brisbane driver, then you should try to keep your search for a new ute narrowed to a local Brisbane dealership. For one thing, sticking to a dealership close to home is an easy way to guarantee your routine service will be handled by experts. Even used vehicles have warranties that need to be honoured by the dealership, so by purchasing a new vehicle from a local dealer you can more easily keep your ute in warranty for any repairs you will need during your first few years of ownership.

2. Shop Based on Finance Deals

Ideally, if you want to make the best possible financial decision, then you will want to shop for your used ute based on finance deals. Many dealerships have special deals that give you discounts on specific makes and models. Or you can always take advantage of any trade-in evaluations for your old vehicle. Shopping for your ute at a used dealership is a wise decision because most used car dealerships will offer better trade-in valuations than branded dealerships.

Used car dealerships also tend to have more finance offers for you to choose from. You can easily work with the finance department at a used car dealership to lower your monthly payment or tailor your auto loan to your specific needs.

3. Search By Year and Kilometres

When it comes to buying a used ute, there are two main factors you will want to look at - the year of the model and the kilometres on the odometer. Many people like to buy used vehicles that are about three to five years old because these utes tend to have fewer kilometres on them. However, you can find plenty of used utes that are seven to 10 years old that also haven't been driven very much. Opting for a slightly older model usually means the ute is more affordable, as well.

4. Refine Search Based on Your Needs

Finally, you can refine your search for a used ute based on your specific driving needs. Many used vehicles come with modifications from previous owners, such as additional headlights, so you may be able to find a ute that already has your preferred mods. If you need a ute for work or hauling heavy cargo, then opt for a vehicle that has a bigger bed. If you want a sportier ute for occasional outdoor activities, then a dealership will likely have an ideal option.

Shopping for a used ute at your local Brisbane dealership is a keen strategy for drivers who want to make smarter financial deals. From looking into finance offers to shopping based on kilometres, it's easier than you think to find a quality ute at an affordable price.