How Do Sniffer Dogs Detect the Presence of Drugs?

Author : Smith Jones | Published On : 06 Sep 2021

It is quite a well-known fact that the nose of a dog is several times more sensitive to that of any other animal or human beings, for that matter. This particular trait of dogs has been used very skillfully by human beings in resolving different kind of issues, including solving crimes. If you study about many of the successful police and military operations carried out in the world, you will realize that the one thing common to a lot of them is the presence of sniffer dogs. If you have been looking for a company that specializes in drug dog searching in BC, you could get in touch with the team at Sniff It Out.

Among other things, sniffer dogs prove to be very effective in detecting the presence of drugs in one’s surrounding. Around two years ago, the Philadelphia police retrieved 16.5 tons of cocaine from a ship with the help of sniffer dogs. These dogs receive special training over a period of time to detect drugs using their sharp sense of smell. Apart from having a strong sense of smell, what makes dogs ideal for the purpose of drug detection is the fact that they possess a vehement desire to hunt.

Under the guidance and supervision of a good trainer, sniffer dogs can learn to detect each and every kind of illegal drug that exists in this world. Sniffer dogs help covering a wide area in very little time and deliver solid results. Even though human officers can detect drugs with the help of their machines and other tools, it would take them much longer to do this than sniffer dogs.

The olfactory epithelium happens to be a tissue that is present inside one’s nasal cavity. It comprises of olfactory receptor cells that feature cilia extensions. The brain processes information related to smell or scent with the help of the olfactory lobe. The olfactory love in dogs is found to be 40 times bigger than the one human beings have. Because of this reason, dogs detect drugs with such effortless ease.

It is quite fascinating to know that the breathing process of dogs is quite different from humans. When a dog exhales a certain amount of air, the air goes out via the slits present their nose. During the same time, the air keeps flowing in through their nostrils. This leads to an uninterrupted flow of air through the nose of the dog that also ensures a certain ‘continuity’ with regards to the smell they receive.

It is important to note that getting detection drugs trained costs a lot of money. The trainer also has to put in several hours of hard every day and keep checking whether the dog is learning properly. There are a bunch of breeding and training kennels that specialize in training sniffer dogs.

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