How do I reset my Xfinity router password?

Author : Robert Smith | Published On : 21 Sep 2021

Xfinity is a name given to the individual services provided by Comcast. It deals in various services like the cable network, telecommunications, and wireless services in the internet sector. It is one of the well-known internet service providers that has a good reach of the market and promises to provide high-speed data to all of the users no matter in what location they reside.

If you use the services provided by Xfinity and you need to reset the router password because of some connectivity issues and the only thought that comes to your mind is How do I talk to a live person at Xfinity? In that case, it is not a challenging task because you can find a resolution to this query with the help of following the points listed below in a hassle-free and timely manner for your convenience;

Reset Xfinity Router password

  • You can reset your Xfinity Router password with the help of the following measures;

  • Locate the reset pin-down option on the body of your router.

  • Now, press the button with the help of a needle for 10 seconds.

  • Once the router resets, it will reboot automatically.

  • The notification lights present on the body of the router will shut down and start blinking again.

  • After this procedure, go to the IP page of your router.

  • It will ask you to enter the admin name and the password of your router.

  • Write down all the required credentials and submit them.

  • It will then take you to the login page of your router.

  • Go to the wireless section of the page and scroll down to the password section.

  • You can then change the password of your router.

  • Keep a note that it will disconnect your recently added devices, and you’ll have to connect to the wireless network again.

Thus, if you are still facing problems, then you can make a phone call to the Xfinity Phone Number and speak to a representative regarding the issues you are facing or the queries you have and get a resolution in no time, allowing you to continue with all the services provided by Xfinity very efficiently.