How do I get through to British Airways?

Author : Quick Caribbean | Published On : 21 Oct 2021

British Airways is such a splendid airline that takes quality control on their priority in all senses like:

In the quality of flight services, in the quality of food, in the quality of in-flight entertainment, and in the quality of the seating arrangements. Read further to find out how to get through to them.


Connect British Airways via Phone Number


  • British Airways is a very top-class airline, naturally many people will want to contact it by phone to give their compliments and suggestions.



Contact British Airways by Courier Service


  • Some people prefer the old-fashioned method of communication; that is, communicating through letters, in other words, can say communicating via post.


  • For such people, British Airways has listed its postal address on its website, which is -


Address -

British Airways

Customer Relations (S506)

PO Box 1126



United Kingdom


  • Sending a letter to British Airways is a nice way to give a personal touch to the communication with the organization, also to maintain a written record of all of the communication with the organization


  • This written record is for historical purposes and also for any legal or litigation-related matters.


Is calling British Airways free?


Yes, calling British Airways customer support is free. British Airways have a Toll-Free Number for countries where the airline operates.