How Construction Carriers Fit Into Integrated Project Delivery

Author : Jeson Clarke | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

What Is Integrated Project Delivery?

The construction industry has changed a lot over the past several years. The delivery methods have also changed. More people are opting for an integrated project delivery, which is also known as an IPD. IPD differs from the traditional construction contract in that the typical construction contract requires that every party transfer the risks to the other party. IPD requires that everyone work together as a team and accept the construction risks.

Integrated project delivery is designed to reduce the number of claims, delays, disputes and changes made to orders.

Benefits of Using an on-Demand Construction Courier Service

Using an on-demand construction courier service goes well with integrated project delivery. There are several reasons that you should consider using a courier service for your construction company.

Save Time

An on-demand courier service can help you save time. You will have to delay your project if you do not have the materials that you need. You lose money when there are delays. That is why an on-demand courier service can also help you save time, because they are ready when you request them.

Cost-Effective Labor

If you use one of your own team members to make the delivery, then they will have to be away from the jobsite. A delivery service will allow you to run your business more efficiently. It is also the more cost-effective option.

Furthermore, an on-demand courier service can prevent you from carrying excess inventory. Excess inventory can cause you to waste money. There is also a possibility that the materials could get damaged or stolen the longer you have them.

Eliminate the Hassles

There are many problems that can arise during the construction project. For example, the vehicle may break down. You may not get your materials on time.

Problems cannot always be avoided, but they are less likely to happen if you have a construction courier.

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