How Concrete Driveway Gets Damaged? Is DIY concrete repair recommended?

Author : rpconcrete sacramento | Published On : 19 Jan 2022

A concrete driveway increases the curb appeal of the property. According to experts, the value of the property increases instantly after the installation of the concrete driveway. And the thing is it is experienced by many homeowners when they list their properties for sale. 

Concrete is an ideal option for driveway construction. But, it gets damaged too. If you don’t maintain the concrete driveway properly, it will get damaged and spoil the overall look of your property. Chances are that you will have to replace the driveway before the expected time. 

Reasons for the damage of concrete driveway 

Firstly, the heavy vehicles running on the driveway damage it. The impact of the vehicle is more if their speed is more on the driveway. Normal speed doesn’t affect the driveway. The pressure put by vehicles in the driveway leads to cracks, potholes, and other damages. 

In summer, the concrete gets heated and the cement inside becomes dehydrated. Due to dehydration, the cement loses some of its water as vapor. The vapor moves away from the heat and gets trapped inside the structure of the concrete driveway. This results in cracks and severe damages. 

A concrete driveway majorly gets affected in the winter months. The cracks in the winter expand and get deeper because the water from the melted snow seeps into the existing structure. As the temperature drops, the water freezes up again, expanding the ice and widening the cracks even further. Sometimes, chemicals used to melt the snow off the driveways and metal snow shovels used to dislodge the snow also damage the concrete driveway. 

The preparation before the installation of the concrete driveway plays an important role in its damage. If the subgrade wasn’t prepared properly, the concrete will not have the support and it will be prone to sinking. Proper support to concrete is important to avoid damages and other problems in the driveway. 

DIY concrete repair: Is it right?

We know DIY concrete repair saves money. But, if you check in-depth, the DIY concrete repair will increase your cost because you are not trained to do so. Chances of mistakes are very high in DIY repair, which can increase your expenses in the long run. So, it’s good to hire a professional concrete service in Sacramento to repair the damages. 

Problems you will face in DIY concrete repair

Before starting the repair process, understanding how the damage occurred is very important because the repair is done accordingly. For every concrete problem, there is a specific solution. To know the actual reason, a serious inspection, and critical thinking are required that you don’t have. 

The next thing is the preparation of the surface for repair. We already said that the wrong preparation of the subgrades leads to severe damages. As you know nothing about preparation, this stage will be challenging for you. And if the preparation is not right, the repair will not work for long. 

In simple words, proper knowledge is required for long-lasting concrete driveway repair. So, hire a professional concrete service provider for the same.