How can I use WPS to set up my NETGEAR WiFi range extender?

Author : getsetup computer | Published On : 05 Oct 2021

WPS allows you to set up your Netgear extender setup range extender without having to type in the network name or password. WPS isn’t supported by all routers. If your router doesn’t have a WPS button, you’ll have to use an alternative technique to set up your extension. Other techniques can be found in the following articles:


How can I use the Nighthawk app to configure my NETGEAR WiFi range extender?

How can I use a web browser to configure my netgear extender setup range extender?

WEP network security or a secret SSID network are not supported by WPS.

Follow these procedures to connect your extender through WPS:

1. Set your extender’s Access Point/Extender switch to Extender.

2. Connect your router extension to your router in the same room.

?  The LED lights with the most power.

?  If the Power LED does not illuminate, press the Power or On/Off button to turn it on.

3. Wait for your extender’s LEDs to settle.

?  This process might take a few moments to finish.

4. Perform a factory reset if this is not your first time setting up your extension.

?  See How can I do a factory reset on my NETGEAR WiFi range extender? for additional details.

5. On your extender, press the WPS button.

?  The WPS LED turns on and off.

6. Within two minutes, press your router’s WPS button.

?  It is possible to switch on and off the WPS LED extension.

7. Unplug the extender and relocate it to a new place midway between your router and the region with a weak WiFi connection.

8. After connecting your extension, watch for the Power LED to turn on.

?  Use the Router Link LED to assist you to choose the best location for the extender-to-router connection. netgear wifi extender setup

9. Use a WiFi-enabled PC or mobile device to connect to the expanded network.

?  Depending on your extender, the expanded network name will be:

?  It’s the same as your old network: MyWiFiExample

?  MyWiFiExample EXT is the same as your original network, but with the suffix _EXT appended.

?  MyWiFiExample 2GEXT, MyWiFiExample 5GEXT are the same as your original network, but with _2GEXT or _5GEXT appended.

?  MyWiFiExample 2G, MyWiFiExample 5G are the same as your previous network, but with _2G or _5G added.

The password for the expanded network is the same as your original network’s password. 

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