How Can I Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails Issue?

Author : maria hayden | Published On : 16 Apr 2021

AOL webmail is one of the leading email services known for its security and reliability. AOL always makes sure that the users' data is safe, But there are times, users feel they are having problems with their incoming messages. AOL not receiving email issues are not permanent, but they require immediate troubleshooting as they can affect your work. For troubleshooting the issue properly, it's extremely important to understand the exact cause of the problem.


Possible Causes of the Issue :


Some of the reasons for aol not receiving emails are mentioned here :


  • Incorrect server settings
  • Improper browser settings
  • Down server
  • Antivirus troubles
  • Email forwarding on


How To Fix the Issue?


Here are some of the fixes mentioned below using which you can solve your problem:


  1.  First of all, check if your server settings are correct or not as the correct incoming and outgoing AOL server settings are imperative for the seamless sending and delivery of messages; otherwise, it will cause other problems too, such as AOL Mail Login Problems, etc.


  1. Make sure that the browser settings are configured in a correct manner for the proper functioning of the AOL account.


  1.  Check if the servers are functioning correctly. If the servers are down, you need to wait for a few moments for the servers to come up.


  1.  This issue can also arise because of the certain antivirus software that you use to keep your system safe from malicious threats. So, disable all the antivirus temporarily.


  1. With the email forwarding on, your incoming emails will be sent to the account that you have decided for emails to jump off, so make sure to turn it off.


That was all about how you can solve AOL not receiving emails. Hopefully, it helps you in getting rid of the problem.