How can I book a flight with United Airlines for a group?

Author : Airlines Group Travel | Published On : 19 Feb 2024

There are many different reasons to travel in groups, from business to pleasure. You are eligible for a group discount if you and your friends are booking flights on United Airlines for 10 or more people. Group reservations are made easier for travelers by United Airlines, which offers both online and offline booking options. Dig down to know about United Airlines Group Flights.

Benefits of United Airlines Group Bookings

United Airlines offers several benefits for group travel that are designed to improve your overall experience:

  • Significant savings for group travel from the same origin to the same destination.

  • United Airlines designated group organizer help at the airport.
  • Early check-in rights for every group member, guaranteeing a more convenient travel experience. United Airlines Group's Rates are very affordable. 

Booking Options for United Airlines Group Travel

Group ticket bookings are flexible with United Airlines. Choosing to make a reservation online or offline is simple and follows these steps:

Offline Booking: To reserve group tickets, go to the airport and speak with the United Airlines airport officials.

Online Booking: To book online, take the following actions:

  • Go to United Airlines official website.
  • Request a group discount at the time of payment.
  • To ensure a smooth booking process, make sure you have a valid ID and a reliable internet connection.

How to Book a Group Ticket with United Airlines?

Although there isn't a direct online way to book United Group Tickets, you can put in a bid for a group ticket that is less expensive. Take these actions:

  1. Go to the official website of United Airlines.
  2. Find and click on the "Contact Us" area.
  3. Choose "Online Bid Request" after selecting "United Groups."
  4. Complete the necessary traveler, group, and agency fields.
  5. Send in your request and watch for a quote within two to three days.
  6. To complete your reservation after the price has been verified, get in touch with United Airlines customer service.

Contact the group travel phone number of United Airlines for assistance; customer service agents are on hand 24 hours a day to handle your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

United Boarding Group 3: What is it?

Following pre-boarding with Groups 1 and 2, passengers can board the aircraft with the priority boarding group, United Boarding Group 3. Group 3 passengers usually have seats toward the front of the aircraft and have first dibs on overhead bin space.

Which United Airlines Group Gets Priority Boarding?

On United Airlines, priority boarding is normally awarded to passengers in the following order:

  • Pre-boarding (for customers who want extra help or who are traveling with small children)
  • Group 1 (passengers with first-class and elite status)
  • Group 2 (passengers in premium economy and elite status)
  • Group 3: General boarding

What is United Boarding Group 2?

Following pre-boarding and Group 1, United Boarding Group 2 is made up of elite-status members and premium economy travelers who get priority boarding. Group 2 passengers can get seated earlier and get priority access to overhead bin space before the general boarding process starts.