HouseParty App Download For Android | Latest Version

Author : Houseparty Apk | Published On : 06 Sep 2021

Houseparty app is a Social app that has the ability to convenient group chat with people. If you want to connect with your loved ones like family and friends this is the app. You can group video call to others easily. This is available for Android, iOS, and PC on all 3 platforms. So if you want to enjoy an interesting video call chat with your friends download Houseparty app to your device.

What is Houseparty App?

Basically, Houseparty is a social network service that is available for absolutely free. The main features of the app are video calling and audio calling. As mentioned above you can call your known ones but there is a chance in App to make new friends too. You can add up to 8 people in a single video call. Also, you can hold a private video chat too.


  • Secure Video and Audio Chats – The users can add their trusted contacts and set up a secure video call or audio call chat.
  • 8 People Group Call – Create a video or audio call for up to 8 people in a single group.
  • Messaging – HouseParty App has instant messaging too just like the other social apps.
  • Ghost Mode – This is a feature that you can keep yourself anonymous. You can stay on the app but others can’t find you.
  • Cross-Platform – You can connect with others using all Android iOS and PC devices.

How to Download Houseparty App for Android

There are 2 ways to download this app to Android. The first method is using the HouseParty App Download link here. Then find the downloaded apk file from the Downloads folder and install it. The second method is installing the app directly from the Google Play Store. This is the safest method to download it.

How to Download HouseParty App for PC

Installing this app on PC or Mac is different. There is no application for the PC and you don’t have to use an Android emulator. First, you need to have the Google Chrome app on your device. After that add Houseparty App Extension to it. Then log In to your account and have fun.

How to Download for iOS

Go to the AppStore directly. Then Search for the Houseparty App. Tap on Get button to download and install the app on your iOS device.

Safety and Legality

Life on Air is the developer of the HouseParty App and still, there are no legal issues for them. Also, they make sure that this app is very safe to use and has no harmful content like malware in the app. You can find the Houseparty app on all the Android stores and also AppStore.


Is Houseparty App Safe to use?

Yes, this is a very safe app to use and millions of users can prove it. When comes to safety there are several settings on the app related to safety like the Lock feature and Private Chat Room.

Can I install this app on a PC?

Yes. You can use this app on the PC or Mac but you need a Google Chrome Houseparty app extension.

Is this app free to use?

Everyone can download install and use the HouseParty app for free. So you don’t need to pay to chat with other people.