Hound & Gatos Information

Author : Abigail Holland | Published On : 11 Sep 2021

Hound & Gatos can be an Ultra Premium Petfood brand which specializes in wet/canned pet-food. They truly are independently owned, which means that they are not part of a few of their massive pet food conglomerates.

Hound & Gatos was founded in the USA in approximately 2003, making it years of age. Their Petfood is produced at a separate centre in South Dakota.

It is possible to purchase Hound & Gatos pet food in any way the popular internet pet food retailers, such as Chewy, Amazon, and PetSmart. Their goods are available at select physical pet food stores, but they are not widely stocked.

Hound & Gatos has a reasonably sized merchandise selection of dog food products. This range includes both wet and dry dog food. But, there are more wet food recipes available compared to simply dry.

Hound & Gatos does not produce specialty recipes such as the ones for large/small breed cats or kitties.

Instead, they decide to supply recipes using a huge range of fish and meat ingredients, lots which might be quite rare to see in dog food.


The product range of cat food recipes from Hound & Gatos is similar for their own dog food range. This range contains a mix of dry cat food recipes and wet/canned cat food recipes.

There are especially more wet recipes available than dry food recipes within the kitty range, which makes sense given wet kitty food's popularity.

This cat-food range also shares the trait of utilizing a enormous array of fish and meat ingredients.

Hound & Gatos Nutrition

Dog Food

The nutrition offered by Hound & Gatos recipes is some of the very best from the industry when compared with their competitors.

This impressive nutrition is especially true for his or her wet dog food recipes, which tend to be made up of nearly entirely meat and fish ingredients.

This focus on meat or fish ends in massive proportions of fat and protein, enough for practically any dog regardless of their activity amount.

Below is an example of the nutrition provided by these wet/canned recipes.

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Cat Food

The nutrition offered by Hound & Gatos cat food is just as impressive as their dog food recipes. It has awe-inspiring proportions of protein and fat, which can be much above average in comparison with different cat food brands.

This nutrient makeup is critical for cat food as individuals are obligate carnivores and do not need substantial plant-based content in their food.

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